Welcome to Baldysblog which is not a commercial web site, it is a personal space where I post photographs I’ve taken on just about anything that catches my eye and also where I post more conventional ‘blogs’ on various topics expressing my views on them. Currently the blogs breakdown into three main categories: Current Affairs, Personal and Technology, navigation from the menu above. The sliding images at the top of the page are in fact the headers from the 4 more recent posts. When you hit a gallery page, clicking on a thumbnail will open up a full screen slide show on that gallery just like the mini version that runs from the footer below.

Although having just relaunched it, nothing is yet fixed, I will be playing around with the site until I get it settled to my satisfaction and in particular a date on this front page to indicate something new has been posted especially in the image galleries. Latest updates are to this front page are a couple of posts. Latest post 21st November 2014