That Human Rights Act Again…

As I have expressed previously, “gay marriages” are not really of much concern to me because it is really a cosmetic name change which socially will have no impact on society at large. My one strong reservation given what happened to Catholic Adoption Agencies is that there must be an unequivocal and legally binding undertaking that IF gay marriage passes into Law, there can be no question of a “Right to Marry in/on Religious Premises”.

The rather smug Lynne Featherstone has declared and emphasised that if civil marriages for gay couples were allowed, it would “not force anyone on religious premises to marry same-sex couples.” She added that she wanted to make that “crystal clear.” Now in France that has been made crystal clear by a ruling of the ECHR and Ms Featherstone is shown as totally wrong in her presumptions.

The French Case

Two lesbians already in a civil partnership complained that they would not be allowed to adopt a child as a couple indeed, one was refused adoption of her partner’s existing child. The couple had tried to establish marriage rights under anti-discrimination laws but the judges said there had been no discrimination.

The judges in Strasbourg said: “The European Convention on Human Rights does not require member states’ governments to grant same-sex couples access to marriage.”

“With regard to married couples, the court considers that in view of the social, personal, and legal consequences of marriage, the applicants’ legal situation could not be said to be comparable to that of married couples,” the judges added.

However, the Judges also said that if same-sex unions became lawful, any church that refuses to marry gay couples could be charged with discrimination.

This seems to suggest that if same-sex marriage is legalised in the UK it will be illegal for the Government to prevent such marriages happening in religious premises and we can guarantee some stupid pair “insisting on their rights” because that is the pox ridden society that we have descended into.

Our dear Queen pointed out yesterday that she had seen 12 Prime Ministers and signed 3,500 Acts of Parliament into Law. It would take very little to guess that of the 3,500 Acts passed, the vast majority were useless dross, long forgotten like the fools that thought them up.

The Sting in the Tail

In simple terms and before they do anything else, the Government must examine the above case and if they are still determined to proceed, may only do so once a “British Bill of Rights” has been passed to replace the Human Rights Act. It is either that or withdraw from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights which may be a bit of a problem as that would also impact continuing membership of the EU and The Council of Europe.

However the reality is that if Cameron etc insist on pursuing this course of action for the sake of a few gay couples, they are heading for disaster because say a million gays will be easily out gunned by millions of “believers” of all faiths, violence will be a certainty and the very stability and fabric of our society will be ripped apart.

The recent Panorama programme on “Forced Marriages” in mainly Indian sub continent and North African/Middle Eastern immigrant communities within the UK did not give much comfort to those that expect second/third generations to have become “Anglicised”, they clearly have not. If Americans mistakenly burning a few Korans can cause such mayhem in Afghanistan, imagine the reaction to the very idea of a “gay marriage” in their local Mosque in Luton or Bradford, last years ‘English Riots’ will seem like a school outing.

If David Cameron cannot deport undesirables and convicted criminals from the UK because of their “Oooman Rights”, he would be a far bigger fool than I currently imagine to persist in this foolishness over “gay marriage”. I suppose the real question is are they listening, will they listen ?

Sadly I suspect not, two years into Government and they are already sclerotic in their thinking. Mind you, the French case gives a perfect opportunity to kick the whole nonsense into the long grass, pending of course the “British Bill of Rights” which, in due course, will see all things “Bright and Beautiful… ?”


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