Too Much Technology

Since I retired, I have gone through various “house clearing” operations on items such as clothes, furniture, crockery and so forth, it is an inevitable process as you review what you need and no longer need on life’s journey. I consider it a practical thing to do, to ‘de-clutter your life’ it is also a matter of good manners towards whoever has to tidy up after you have shuffled off this mortal coil.

Just recently, I applied the same principles to the technology I use and came to the conclusion that we probably have way too much of this stuff…


It started with the software I had and the supporting technical books, all of which were absolutely necessary when I was working as an IT Project Manager but seriously, am I ever going to use that stuff which would only be used in a corporate environment anyway again ? Hardly so why hang on to it, it just clutters your PCs, bookshelves and your mind…

I have always used multiple PCs and without being boring, the facility was essential for the commercial work I did and highly useful for my graphics stuff so retaining the multiple PC set up is fine for me, the acid test being that I regularly use them all, each for its allotted purpose. True I turfed out some software applications which I had intended to master but never really “got into” and frankly lack the motivation now to do so.


But in a sense, all that was related to my IT past and on-going photographic/graphics interests so it was very easy to assess, the thing I found odd was the more recent technology I had acquired. As I looked at that the realisation dawned that for me and probably for many others too, it is totally ephemeral and yet of a ‘newer generation’ of technology.

I have an Android smart phone that was given to me which is fine but I never found a “killer app” that would make me want to use it for more than calls and text. However and because of playing with that I did buy a Nokia Windows phone just for one app – Nokia Maps, there are 2 actually one a map and the other a satnav both of which work off GPS so you don’t burn data.

I do have a tablet. I wasn’t really interested in tablets, they are hardly computing devices, more entertainment screens but I found an app that using a physical link gave me a bigger screen through which to control my cameras that made it worth shelling out £100 on a device and yes it works to a point and is fine for tripod work. Apart from that there is a Chromebook which is a beautifully made little laptop let down by an OS that runs through Google’s Chrome browser only, most Android apps don’t run on it, a strictly limited device but might be useful to people who are not computer literate for access to the web and email.

It struck me that even an old fart like me will outlive the usefulness of this little lot.


I will happily stick with my Windows PCs, they do the job I want done and being an old fart, I’m home based so Trendy Wendy mobile technology is of no interest. The rest is most likely doomed for disposal sooner rather than later.

Perhaps it is a sign of my age but this latter stuff seems totally alien to me and I’m not technophobic but it seems like idiot technology which was rather confirmed by a 17 year old on the radio today. She was telling how it was quite “normal” for teenagers to send nude photographs of themselves to relative strangers they met on line and how for her it had all gone terribly wrong for her with one lad trying to blackmail her. Horrible tale but how do people get themselves into such a position, it is total madness.

However, there is one daft Tory MP who did the same and he is no spring chicken. Idiot technology used by idiots in an idiotic fashion !

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