Walk Away Dave

I have already written a piece on how pointless TV debates are in UK politics but I gather that I’m not alone in seeing these as a total waste, Tim Stanley writing in the Telegraph puts it all rather well. With some humour too, worth a read: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/debates/11367284/Put-the-Save-Page-3-campaign-in-the-leaders-debates.-Double-D-Debbie-has-much-to-teach-us.html

I hope David Cameron has the guts to do the obviously most sensible thing about the TV debates, walk away and refuse to take part in them, Stuff the broadcasters, they just don’t seem to have a clue about anything !

Which Muppet Thought this Up ?

Regardless of whether or not they take place, the dates are wrong and too close to polling day. The implication behind this clearly being that the “broadcasters” think that we the public are far too dim to retain any message for more than a week or two. If they are going to be held, then the last debate needs to be about 3 weeks prior to the poll not, one week.

As to the revised ‘proposals’, they make no sense at all. How can you include the SNP and Plaid without also inviting the Ulster Parties as well ? Total nonsense. The reality is that who forms the UK Government will be decided in England and therefore only those parties standing in England should be considered – Conservatives, Labour, LibDems, UKIP, The Greens, the Celtic parties have their own local TV channels and can therefore debate on the local issues which dominate their thinking anyway.

What happens post the election with a hung parliament is another issue anyway and what smaller party wants to give hostages to fortune now when they have no idea what the political landscape will be then and what opportunities may arise for them ?

Walk Dave

Forget the ‘chicken jokes’, these debates are wholly for the benefit of the media and not the electorate so, I truly hope that David Cameron has the bottle to say NO and just walk away leaving the rest to look just a bit stupid if they bother turning up. We really don’t need to see these people in a TV debate, we know who they are, most just can’t keep their mouths shut long enough to breathe and they live in TV studios anyway. On a practical level, trying to run an event with 7 different candidates is going to be a joke, herding cats comes to mind.

We know who the people are, we need to focus on the very real differences between what the only two parties who could form a government, are proposing with accelerated (Tory) or delayed (Labour) deficit reduction, what does it really mean ? Currently the electorate may seem to be in ‘wank mode’ but the truth is that either next May or again within the year, the public are going to have to decide between Conservative or Labour, there are no other choices.

That is the choice, so David Cameron, walk away from the TV debates and say you are doing so right now then, move on and just shrug your shoulders. The debates will just disappear without trace because whatever he might say right now, Miliband will walk away too because without you being there, they are pointless and just won’t happen.

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