Misconduct in High Office

Having been in the USA a month ago, I have already posted my take on the “Ugly Pageant” that is the current Presidential race : http://baldysblog.co.uk/2016/09/23/very-loud-and-noisy/ so no point in further comments on it specifically.

However and whilst no fan of Hilary Clinton, I find the last minute intervention of the Director of the FBI in an all too obvious “political move” aimed to disadvantage one candidate little short of astonishing. Snap polls indicate a loss of support for Clinton when this obvious partisan intervention should surely mean that an intelligent electorate would swing behind her.

Sheer Lunacy

The FBI Director James Comey, against the advice of the Justice department decided to vaguely tell a group of ‘lawmakers’ on Capitol Hill in a letter that they, the FBI were looking into the Clinton private mail server issue again but did not elucidate on what that was about and all this 11 days out from the poll. It matters not a jot whether this was about Clinton or Trump, this close to the election either you have evidence of a crime, in which case arrest the person concerned or you are “just looking” in which case keep your mouth shut.

I have recently been in the States but you really don’t have to have been to know that this is an ugly campaign for ugly people and the atmosphere is quite febrile made worse by the tactics of Trump who frankly should be locked up because he is clearly mentally unfit for any public office let alone the Presidency. In such an atmosphere it can only be a deliberate and politically motivated malicious tactic on the part of Comey to have behaved as he has, there can be no mistaking who he intends to vote for.

However the bottom line is simple, he is guilty of misconduct in office and should be sacked or at least suspended pending investigation of his actions and regardless of whether he is eventually prosecuted for any specific offence related to this, on this performance be banned from holding public office for life.

Some Perspective Here

My politics are to the right of centre, I have never and never will vote Labour. However, if at the next General Election with under 2 weeks to go, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police did something similar to what Comey has done with regard to Clinton but in this case concerning the Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn, I and most right thinking people would expect the Commissioner’s head on a plate.

The reason being that it would be blatant interference in the electoral process by a public official. To become Prime Minister or even President of the United States, as Nixon proved, does not put you above the Law, you can be arrested the same as any other citizen so, there is no hurry unless you have actual proof in your hand on which to proceed to an arrest in which case you should do so and not talk about it.

The Current State of US Politics

Much as I am fond of America and Americans generally, as I look at this Presidential race I am frankly appalled by a political system that seems so dysfunctional that all they can offer the electorate is these two neither of which inspires any confidence at all, it bodes badly for the future. I was living and working in the US in 2000 when the Presidential Election came down to the “hanging shards of Florida”, my American colleagues were embarrassed by that but I assured them that it was nothing, just a glitch, this time its rather more than a glitch. Whoever wins out of this awful pair, I suspect that the “Free World” will need to look for leadership from elsewhere, because it won’t be coming from the Oval Office.

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