A Vote for Parliamentary Supremacy

Whilst not the result that I would have thought ideal or expedient, as someone who voted for ‘Leave’ an important part of which was the sovereignty of Parliament in these islands, I have no problem with the ruling of The Supreme Court. I especially appreciated that their Lordships confined themselves to the basic principles rather than get themselves in a tangle over the details.

For Gina Miller this was a “victory” but I suspect that for her, it hardly seems like one and if the Palace of Westminster does it’s job efficiently, legislation should pass before the end of February which is not to say that the principle wasn’t worth fighting for with the vast amounts of ‘lawyer money’ it will have cost her, I suppose.

Gina Miller’s Naivety

The lady complained about the abuse she has received over this case and whilst one would hope for a more civil society in this frankly, she has only herself to blame. It was not just her rather ‘holier than thou’ attitude but rather that she was the wrong person to have bought this case and crude though it may seem to say, “she just didn’t look right”. She may or may not be an over indulged rich woman but that is how she comes across and for her to spout about the British Constitution seems about as valid as Hugh Hefner banging on about Apple Pie and American homely values, it just doesn’t feel right nor genuine.

But the real mistake and she is not the only one to make it, most of the “Remainers” do, is not to realise that the EU Referendum result was not about the EU, it was exactly about the wealthy elite such as her and their finger wagging “we know better than you” attitude. It is this same pompous attitude that hasn’t yet worked out that 17.4 million people cannot all be xenophobe OAPs who feel ‘left behind’. They insult those who voted Leave because “We elite, the people like us, all voted Remain, the only possible thing to do because we always know better !”

What the referendum gave the electorate was an opportunity to express total dissatisfaction with the way the UK economy and society was going without ending up with a government of a political persuasion they didn’t want. It wasn’t even about giving Brussels a ‘kicking’, we do that every time we have elections for MEPs, we don’t bother turning out to vote and if we do, only vote for the biggest jack ass on the ballot paper which is why there are so many UKIP MEPs. No the people we wanted to send a message to and who we wanted to give ‘a kicking’ to were the dullards in the Palace of Westminster who are clearly asleep on the job.

So having spent thousands of £s, needing to employ body guards and for all of that, not to feel fully vindicated like some latter day Joan of Arc, must be a bit of a pisser but at least she has had her day in court and her 15 minutes of fame, whatever the cost and the Circus now moves on without her.

Moves in Parliament

Obviously just as there are die hard Leavers, there are die hard Remainers like Ken Clarke and overall, the majority in the Commons would favour Remain but would they dare defy the referendum result ? I suspect not especially if it triggered a General Election where many in all parties would lose their seats and the divisions seen during the EU Referendum would be writ very large indeed plus greatly amplified both in Northern Ireland and Scotland. I don’t imagine any thinking politician would want to risk that, far better to get on with Brexit whatever your views on the matter.

Also there is another ‘truth’, if they accept that they won’t try and overturn the referendum result, then they would want to distance themselves from the actual negotiations in case it turns out to be the shitty end of the stick or, a totally poisoned chalice, politicians always avoid any possibility of having to accept any blame…

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