Surely Impeachment Beckons Now ?

My views on the now former head of the FBI, James Comey and his behaviour over the Clinton private email server I have already written about last year –

That he deserved to be removed from his job back then, was obvious but for Donald Trump to do so now whilst citing Comey’s behaviour back then which Trump praised loudly at the time, is little short of a totally stupid act by “The Donald” and may well prove fatal to the Trump Presidency.

Comey Is a Muppet

Quite apart from my comments back last October, what made me gag was when Comey recently giving evidence to Congress said that “He felt slightly nauseous” to imagine that his actions could have had any impact on the Presidential election. For that comment alone he should be put into a darkroom to rest and receive lots of counselling about how the real world works. Because not to understand that two weeks before the vote in a bitterly contested race, to say that you have reopened investigations into one of the candidates, WAS bound to have a substantial impact ! Any child could have worked that one out.

The fact that he didn’t understand this, by itself disqualifies him for the post he held especially of an Agency such as the FBI which the US public believe to be untouchable by partisan party politics and by any measure I can imagine, I have no understanding of what the man was thinking at the time. For the American public, his Office by making such a statement would seem ‘authoritative’ to them because the alternative they would have to consider that he was a Trump stooge would have been unthinkable.

So for me, showing James Comey the door, is not a wrong in itself decision however, the timing and the fact this was done by Trump when he did it, is a major problem. History teaches us many lessons but one every politician and especially US Presidents should always remember is that Richard Nixon was not forced out of Office because he had anything to do with Watergate but because of his part in the subsequent covering it up.

The Donald

My view of last years US Election was about the same as it is of the recent French Presidential Election in that in both cases the voters had a pretty poor choice between candidates who individually were less than desirable. However as with Macron, so with Trump, we must give the winner time to bed in, find their feet and then hit their pace and do so with hope.

My view of Trump was that he would either turn out to be a totally brilliant if unorthodox President or else he would turn out to be the brittle and narcissistic idiot some portrayed him as. Being a bit unpredictable as a tactic is no bad thing providing you are a “man with a plan” but after the first 100 days, there doesn’t seem to be a ‘plan’ of any kind, all we keep seeing is someone who reacts very erratically most often on Twitter in the early hours, someone needs to chop his thumbs off !

The problem is that on far too many occasions, an early morning tweet by Trump has sent his staff into a tail spin trying to explain “What the President meant…” His attitude seems to be “I’m the boss, I do what I like…” which is pretty scary for a man in his position of power because there is clearly no joined up thinking involved, no appreciation of the “consequences”.

He started to appear unprepared for the job during the Transition Period when he just remained holed up in a Trump Tower in New York rather than being in Washington where he needed to be. He might have been doing some “Really Clever Stuff” but the number of vacant appointments still in the new Administration seems to indicate that he totally wasted the opportunity. His behaviour since has been random and odd to say the least and this latest sacking of Comey may well prove to be a turning point that sees him being forced out of Office well before his 4 year term ends.

End Games

Trump came into Office clearly with little to no idea of what the job entailed and had swallowed his own rhetoric on “draining the swamp” by which he meant Washington politicians. Now for any politician to latch on to a public sentiment that says that the current incumbents are corrupt and use that to lever themselves into a position of power is as old as the hills. As the old saying goes: “Watch which way the crowd are going, then run in front of them and say “Follow me” !” So yes, not a new game until Trump came along because he clearly doesn’t understand how the next stage is played which having grabbed the power, you use it to get the political incumbents in line and working for you.

Business isn’t politics, they are totally different things. If you are the CEO of Boeing, as a businessman you don’t care a fig for Airbus they are your competitors so “screw them”. However in politics it is totally different, you rule for both the people who voted for you and also, those who didn’t, you want everybody to be happy and Trump just doesn’t seem to have grasped this. His use of one of his resorts in Florida at public expense and employing his family in his Administration would seem to point to an ego that says he can do anything he likes but in reality, he may just be building the legal case on which he will be impeached.


In Britain there is a saying that “Only a fool goes to Law”. The reason being that all legal processes can be unpredictable in their outcomes, there are few sure winners. If Trump had dumped Comey shortly after taking Office, that would have been fine and particularly if he had used as the reason his conduct over Clinton’s mail server, almost a gesture of unity. However now as the Russia investigation rumbles on it has totally another impact and might well get worse if a “Special Counsel” is appointed as a consequence.

The thing Trump seemed totally unaware of is how the American Constitution works and in particular the separation of powers that ensure that no branch of Government can assume total dominance and that includes the President. To Trump it seems, “I am the boss” was all his expectation amounted to and from that, he could do what he wanted but he can’t. He should have used his Transition far more wisely and instead of importing cronies into his Cabinet, bought in some experienced people who knew how it all worked and where all the bodies are buried, not doing this was a total rookie mistake.

You should never write someone off because being in the right place at the right time can deliver major opportunities to succeed and Trump is in a good place for that to happen however, if he carries on in the near future as he has so far, I doubt that he will serve a full term. Many more idiot moves like this might well be punished in the mid terms which are now only 17 months away, the honeymoon is well and truly over.

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