Another Terror Attack

Today Sunday after another brutal terrorist attack, this time around London Bridge last night, many different people will be living with very varied thoughts and fears along with some understandable anger but as ever, it is a time for cool heads and sober judgements.

Theresa May in her statement following a COBRA meeting this morning was quite right to say “Enough is enough” and that a totally new approach is needed because the type of threat has changed.

Policing is by Consent

Whilst I’m sure that the vast majority of British Muslims will be as much horrified by these type of events and along with any person of “brown skin” and regardless of faith, have a certain fear of racially motivated attacks both physical and verbal upon them as a consequence, there are problems that need to be addressed by them.

The first issue is cultural isolation from the mainstream of British life which is made worse by the rest of the UK population tending to see Muslims as one homogeneous group when in fact there are a number of distinct and very diverse sub groups which means they can never speak with one clear voice and likely don’t even communicate with each other that well either or at all. The consequence is that following an event like this, there are few if any “Muslim voices” publicly and immediately speaking loudly in condemnation and there needs to be. The lack of communication is of itself damaging because it leaves an empty space for bigotry and hatred to grow which is bad for the whole of society.

We cannot expect Muslims of Pakistani origins to be responsible for Muslims from Nigeria, Somalia and so on but, they can be responsible for their own community and understand that silence is really not an option. There is a kind of practical withdrawal by most Muslims from mainstream British society, a noticeable lack of participation which is illustrated by how few Police and Service personnel come from these communities.

In order to stop these kinds of events the Police need intelligence from Muslim communities because all policing is by the consent of the public, do Muslims see themselves as part of the “British public” ? Do they feel and see it as their duty to pass on information to the Police ?

Economic Exclusion

First generation immigrants tend not to be a problem, the second to third can be. The reason is that their parents will try to bring them up as if they were in the “old country” which is invariably rural, poor and culturally oppressive. Worse than this, they often retain close cultural ties that include customs such as arranged marriages that might be fine ‘there’ but are wholly inappropriate for their children living in the UK. The problem for their children is that they often feel that they neither belong to their parent’s way of life nor do they feel at ease in contemporary Britain. If they feel economically excluded in addition, this will give them a sense of grievance to fuel and further justify any violent acts even against innocent people who have those things they don’t have.

Get sufficient young men and women who share this sense of isolation and alienation and it is easy to see how they may be attracted to causes like ISIS. Every time one of these terrorists or would be terrorists are found, their family disclaim any knowledge of their intent which leads to the next question : If that is true, just how well do they know them and how engaged are they in their own children’s lives ?

What Motivates Such Evil ?

It is impossible to understand just how any person in these times can justify violence against another human being because of their race, colour, religion or gender. To follow an evil cult like ISIS who have murdered fellow Muslims because they came from the “wrong branch” of Islam of itself would deter any right thinking person from any association with them. Add to this the slaughter and enslavement of people from other faiths to use as sex slaves a clear personal indulgence forbidden under Islam and you have not a religious movement but a group of godless barbarians in the service of the Devil himself.

So just what kind of shit must these people have between their ears to even imagine supporting such people and just how mentally sub normal can they be ? They want to be a hero ? Oh please how can that be by deliberately slaughtering unarmed innocent people in cold blood ?

Some Muslims are very hot on taking offence to what they consider blasphemy a concept they clearly don’t understand too well. The Commandment that says “Do not take the Lord’s name in vain ” is not about saying nasty things about God, it is far more about claiming your own evil acts as being the Will of God, “In His Name” when clearly they are not because they are just pure Evil.

Uncomfortable Conversations

Theresa May said that things must change and there would need to be some “uncomfortable conversations” and she is right, like it or not but Muslims in the UK are going to have to be confronted in the same way us in the Christian Churches were over child abuse by clergy. It is in the interests of all Muslims to participate in this because it is not just a matter of terrorism, we also have had a seemingly endless run of Court cases over “Asian men” abusing vulnerable girls.

The point is that regardless of religion, the tolerance of the UK has been too often abused and all these issues need to be addressed because if not, it provides fuel for white extremists and their ilk.

It is now the time when the habitual “heads down with fingers in ears” came to an end, silence is no longer an option and there needs to be positive and visible participation by all the Muslim communities within the UK to tackle these problems. If nothing else, as few Muslims are active in the “front lines” in the Police and Armed Forces, these communities do owe them a debt because they keep the whole of British society safe, not just “White Christians”.

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