Beware Ambition

“The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.” (James 3.6)

“The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing”. (Proverbs 12:18)

Both these Biblical quotes should be uppermost in the minds and hearts of every politician and journalist speaking or writing about the tragedy at Grenfell House and yet they are not, both Corbyn, Sadiq Khan and many in the media have been unbelievably reckless and this needs to stop.

Who We Are

Britain is not a revolutionary country, our decisive politics take place within the Palace of Westminster and not on the streets. We are an evolutionary society which does not mean to indicate that progress is smooth and “ever upward”, it isn’t it has always been in fits and starts and often driven by unexpected events.

This has been a hard year, the Westminster Bridge attack, Manchester, London Bridge and now this appalling loss of life by people living in a tower block. It is disturbing and not in a good way to hear left wing politicians trying to mine this tragedy for their own political ends and Corbyn is particularly reprehensible in calling for people to squat “The empty properties of the rich !” the man is clearly a lunatic. The confiscation of private property by mob rule is definitely not what Britain has ever been about and we don’t want to start now. The main problem is that whilst to Corbyn’s fascist thugs, “robbing the rich” seems fair game, it is not, it is anarchy. What is to stop this same mob next year throwing an old person out of their home because they are living in a big house all alone and it “Could be better used for workers families !”

For all the years spent drawing an MP’s wages and perks, Corbyn seems unaware of what Parliament is for, passing Laws. If he thinks confiscation of private property is okay, then he needs to make the case on the floor of the House or simply resign his seat.

Observations on Grenfell

We have heard the cries of people complaining about a lack of information and organisation in the aftermath of this tragedy but should we be surprised ? With terrorist attacks, the authorities, Police, Emergency Services, Hospitals and even the Military have practised how to deal with such events, who does what, when and in what sequence but no one expects, let alone practices for what happened at Grenfell House.

Ahead for the survivors of this fire, financial help alone won’t be enough, they will also need counselling and support for years to come. As to the promises made that they will be rehoused locally, I wonder if that can possibly be true. I doubt that there is sufficient empty housing stock available for one but far more importantly, if I and my family had survived that, I am not sure that I would want to ever live in a tower block again so rehousing is going to be a difficulty that won’t be easy to resolve in the short term.

Media Comment

Sadly our media of whatever colour is not up to much and confronted with Grenfell clearly had no idea how to deal with it, the majority opting for some kind of ‘outrage’ response but quite what about, they weren’t too sure, the following article in The Economist was about par for the course:

To this I posted a comment, got a couple of replies which I reproduce below.

“That this is truly a national tragedy is obvious as is in the face of such, a sense of hopelessness pretty soon turns to anger and a “blame game” but I am not sure that this type of article does anything of much value. The scale and the circumstances are horrific but and yes whilst it will take some time, hard facts need to be established as to the exact circumstances. In the immediate term, measures such as rapid surveys of similar buildings throughout the UK should be done and clearly the updating advice given to residents in what to do in case of fire is urgently required.

It is unfortunate that some on the left wish to use it to drive their own political agendas but such are the people too often elected to Parliament. The emotions of those directly impacted is totally understandable, they need both our sympathy and practical support, not just now but over some years ahead but that said, beware people trying to hijack this tragedy because such “noise” will not deliver one safer building nor improve a single life. It matters not a jot what your political leanings are, when it comes to statements and posturing, everyone should tread very carefully indeed.”

One of the replies I got is as below:

Your post reminded me of the words of Jonathan Freedland in his column two days ago:

“You can ignore those who say it’s wrong, or too soon, to politicise Grenfell Tower. That’s always the refrain of those who understand that a raw moment such as this brings great clarity, suddenly exposing in vivid colour a reality that, for many, may have been abstract. Such people want the moment to pass, for the national gaze to move on, so that they can return to business as usual. Which is why now is exactly the time to talk about what this blaze has illuminated. …

“Grenfell Tower should mark a point of no return. No return to the frenzied deregulation, cost-cutting and rampant inequality of the last four decades. These are not new evils. They have been lurking for many years. But it took the light of a burning building for the whole nation to see them.”…

My Response to that…

“You make the point very well, people use such events to push their own agendas political or otherwise. In principle I totally agree that when something keeps repeating itself, it should never be ignored or passed over. An example being a certain Vauxhall car model that had a propensity to self ignite, the company was very tardy in its response but Grenfell Tower is not a common event (Thank God), so we need a very calibrated approach which whilst not “touchy feely” is practical. There are thousands of people living in similar properties, so beyond seeing to the needs of the victims we also need to immediately carry out effective surveys to ensure there are no similar ‘Grenfells’ waiting to happen.”


People need to tread with great care in dealing with these type of events because we seem to be living in a world where people are quick to rally to a “victimhood banner” at the drop of a hat or a Twitter feed and the consequences could turn out an awful lot worse than even Grenfell Tower if society becomes further divided than it al;ready is. We need public conversations not street rioting and looting.

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