The Current State of Play

Mainly because I have been busy on other things, I have not been posting much of late either here or on my ‘Pictures’ website but that does not mean that I have not been keeping an eye on recent events and in particular the current state of play concerning the Brexit negotiations.

A journalist I like is John Rentoul of the Independent, he is about the only sensible voice that paper has and even he in a recent piece noted the constant negativity of the media towards Brexit and he is right, the tone of the British media rarely rises above depressing on most topics. It seems to reflect a world where no matter what the event or circumstances, stuff a microphone in someone’s face and they feel impelled to bitch and moan.

Probable Agreement

What happened in Brussels last week was less of a binding agreement than a sudden realisation from both sides that they need to get on with it as time is pressing. Regardless of the form of wording used, for the very first time the EU publicly acknowledged that a ‘No Deal’ scenario was exactly what they didn’t want and demonstrated that getting a deal that works for both sides is what they want to achieve. This is all good stuff because up until now the EU stance has been all rather arms folded and “Well you want to leave us, you can do all the running because we are not…”

At the heart of this was shock on the part of the EU that anybody would want to leave so their initial response was a combination of hurt pride and a determination to make it as difficult as possible whilst suggesting that the UK Government might find a way of reversing the decision. So they settled on three issues, the ‘Divorce Bill’, Citizen’s Rights and the Irish border all of which “Had to be settled before we can move to Phase 2”, apparently. In the end Mrs May played her hand well so that whilst none of these are really settled, we have an outline of agreed principles that both parties can go forward with so that we can say that a deal has been struck, now for the more difficult stuff !

No Going Back

This phrase is not intended in Northern Irish style to mean “No Surrender”, it encapsulates something that I have felt for a long time which ‘Remainers’ really should take heed of, we have long passed the point where reversing the result of the Referendum is possible and in fact, no longer desirable for a whole number of reasons. Oddly that point was passed when Gina Miller fought and won through the Courts the requirement that Parliament must vote on the result. One assumes that her aim, bearing in mind that a majority of MPs being ‘snowflakes’ would favour the status quo and remaining in the EU, might well vote the result down if forced to have the opportunity.

Of course her faith in such a scenario was rather misplaced, MPs are rarely made of such stern stuff so the Bill was passed thus turning what was technically an “advisory” poll into a binding result in Law, Brexit now had legal standing ! But there was another factor at play too which was the view from Brussels which for a time hoped that UK internal opposition to Brexit might result in there being some device whereby the UK Government might reverse or cancel Brexit. However that hope on their part seems to have died at some point, perhaps it was the German election results, who knows but today the EU view has changed with the EU Parliament passing/agreeing the outline deal struck last week, the Rubicon has been crossed.


I would suggest that however sincerely held their views, it is now time for the Remainers to accept that this is a journey that we are all on together and they need to get onboard and help make it work out for the majority of people. We could start with the ‘Remainer media’ The Independent, Guardian, Economist and FT by them stopping their constant depressing coverage of Brexit which only lifts to a level of ‘joy’ when they can write copy showing “It’s all the fault of Brexit !..He, he we are always right !”

There also needs to be a sensible assessment by all Remainers as to just what would happen to the ‘body politic’ of the British Isles if Parliament or the Courts reversed the referendum result on whatever pretext tomorrow morning let us say. The consequences on the streets would not be a pretty sight of that I am sure so best avoided. However there is one other thing that the Remain faction need to take on board and also retract which is their rather foolish propaganda aimed at Leavers. According to them, all Leavers are “knuckle scraping, old, ignorant and economically left behind”, clearly creatures of no account and not worthy of consideration.

This kind of propaganda was used in WWI, “German troops rape Belgium nuns and bayonet babies” The implication being that “the enemy” was so depraved and beyond the pail that it made no difference how cruel you were to them, they obviously deserved it !

The problem with such an ignorant approach is that they are your fellow citizens, they have a majority and their broad aim if not individual ‘reasons’ should be respected in the same way you would expect a Remain vote to be if that had been the result. As I have written a number of times previously there was no way that Leave should have mustered more than 12 million votes, the fact they managed over 17 million demonstrates that there was a massive voter revolt against the status quo and this should be noted.

Put another way, the metropolitan classes, bankers, big business managers, the professions probably to a man voted Remain because they see the status quo as working for them. A larger number and all for many different reasons I have little doubt voted to say “This doesn’t work for us” This was a very British revolution that didn’t involve tumbrils rattling through our streets and certainly no bloodshed but all those “Who think they know better” really should take heed, it was meant from the heart.


The EU hates referendums because they see them as tools used by electorates not to just answer the question on the ballot paper but also to ‘send a message’ to their government on unrelated matters. So was the referendum result just about the EU ?

I’m not sure to be fair, it might have been an unease with a world dominated by too many or rather too few ‘Big Companies’ like Google, Facebook, Amazon and in that context, the EU was seen as part of the ‘big problem’ where these organisations want to tell you what to do and control you in anyway they can for their own profit or glory.

As I finish writing this, I note that the Government has suffered its first Commons defeat on the Brexit Bill bought about by the sheer arrogance of a handful of Tory Remainers, cynically supported by Opposition parties, it sadly brings to mind John Major and his handful of Tory anti EU MPs who “pissed into the tent”. I hope for their sake it doesn’t lead to the same result with the Tories being thrown out of power at the next election.

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