Time to Upgrade

I started writing this blog back in November 2007 and at the time dis so in part, because I wondered if I could sustain the effort required to post frequently. That was an interesting experience if only because it demonstrated just how difficult it must be for journalists to not only write regular columns against a publication deadline but also to keep up a consistent quality in their content.

Time for Change

Well I’ve passed that test long since and found that I am opinionated enough to publish with monotonous regularity though I found I slowed down somewhat when I realised just how few are the “real issues” at any one period in time, how many ways can you say the same thing ? You can bore yourself trying to chisel a new angle on the same topic heck, you’ve said it already, already !

However along the way I have on several occasions in the past trashed the content, done a redesign for a new look and started over again from scratch and today, such action seems to me to be due once again so for a month or so, I doubt that I will be posting new stuff while I work on a new direction. You may ask that seeing as I’m using WordPress and you can just bring in a new template and “Wham, Bang, thank you Mam” you have a totally new look, why take so long ?

If you work with WordPress or indeed any of the other equivalents like Drupal, Joomala etc where web pages are made up “on the fly” from the underlying database, you get to realise that many of the choices that you make with regard to design elements can have a major impact on how you deliver your content and sometimes, it doesn’t quite work out the way you want. As an example last March I set up a sub domain called “Pictures” to display photographs I had taken but the design doesn’t quite work properly in my opinion so that site too will get a makeover. However and that said, it is often only by doing things and getting them wrong that we can learn and decide upon our priorities !

New Directions

Although at this moment in time I have not made any binding decisions perhaps a radical change in direction would make most sense. Writing about politics for example is a bit boring and there is so much crap and pointless noise being generated by people in the media, desperate to cling on to their jobs, it is difficult to cut through it all and make a plea for common sense.

Having lost a month of my morning rides so far this year due to gales and a persistent infection, it gave me time to think plus, editing my past photographs also led me to decide that I needed to spread my wings this year, whilst I still can, and tour Somerset so the County and its various sights might well become my content, well its a thought. So for now, I will wind down, see you on the other side !

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