This Isn’t So Easy

When I was 21, I worked with an Engineer who was a older than me and a lot more experienced, I still remember something he told me then about project work. “Despite your best efforts, every project you meet will cost twice as much as the estimate and take twice as long to complete.” It was sound advice and although it was to be decades before anybody called me a “Project Manager”, for the majority of my working life, that is what I was actually doing.

Using That Thought

The consequence was that whilst initially not consciously, looking back I realise that I always approached commercial projects with that same caution and never allowed myself to get dragged into the enthusiasm that marks the start of most new projects. It was also reflected in my planning and constant audit processes because unlike most other people, I expected there to be pitfalls along the way and I calculated them in my plan from outset. When problems arose and people were tearing their hair out, I would smile, nod and say: “Yes shit happens…” and then get on with the fall back plan designed to keep the project running to both time and budget, it always worked out.

The Problem

Unfortunately when working on your own projects, this doesn’t quite work out because I suppose, you have emotional “skin in the game” whereas if running a project for someone else, it is just a job that you approach professionally. In terms of updating this website, this is the problem that I’m facing so another and interim decision is required to get me from here to there.

Working on an offline version of this site I have evolved my direction of travel for the future which is good but it comes down to two different main streams or base topics and for both, totally new material and content has to be created. I have made a start on this but there is some way to go because there is some research, site visits to be completed as well as a fair amount of graphic content to be created none of which can happen over night.

When I first decided to change direction it was mid February and here we are early May with little progress being evident on the site so as I detest “orphaned websites” the sad discarded products of a one time enthusiasm I will do a Plan B. Tidy up but not radically change the design or the type of content though keep posts short until the new material is fully developed which is not that likely until the Autumn.

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