At the age of 71, this is very definitely a personal and not a commercial site. I am a Londoner who moved down to the Somerset Levels some 13 years ago to nurse my Parents through their final years and I originally started started this blog as a mental outlet following the death of my Father back in 2007. My blogs were mainly about politics because it often seems to me that both the media and the politicians are far too often blind to what I see as simple truths but these are just my opinions and as fallible as those of anybody else.

Obviously when I moved down, I didn’t set a time limit, I was here “for the duration” but if I thought about it at all, my expectation was that I would following the passing of both my Parents, return to London. However, after over 6 years following the death of my Mother, I realised that I had become quite attached to the Somerset Levels and as it happens, the life I had led, the people I knew and socialised with in London, their lives too had moved on, there was nothing really to go back to, my life was now here. Of course I do still visit London, it remains in my mind “my home town” but for me now is just an important part of my past.