Where To Next ?

For all the gloom and doom peddled by the “Remainers” prior to the EU Referendum, the sky has not fallen in following Brexit, our women and children have not been sold into slavery, famine, pestilence and war do not stalk the land – Oh Bugger I hear them say. It is only the Guardian and Independent who still seize upon any negative story to do with Brexit, even The Economist has finally stopped banging on endlessly about how wrong the result was.

On top of this, our Olympic athletes have surpassed all expectations in terms of their haul of Olympic Medals, well done to the whole team including all their support personnel, a just stunning effort all round. However, as Summer splutters towards its close, it is time to consider where we of UK plc go next and the steps we need to take. Continue Reading →

New Directions

Sometimes in life I can buzz around in this way or that in an apparently totally haphazard fashion getting absolutely nowhere and making no progress in any particular direction. I have been doing this quite a lot in recent times however I also trust to whatever it is that drives me during these periods of my life and therefore just treat it as a “process” of some kind that needs to happen, it sorts itself out in the end. Continue Reading →

A Weekend for Play

The header is a picture I took last Saturday of the Red Arrows (of course), from the beach at Weston Super Mare. Each year for Armed Forces Day the Town put on an air display and quite a number of other features in and around a show arena they set up. The problem faced by every event organiser is the English weather, unpredictable to say the least and even with a lot of “brightening up” the picture stills shows a very grey sky !

I am particularly fond of the Weston event as it comes at the start of the air show season which really kicks in during July and offers me a rather special opportunity. Continue Reading →

Just Too Much Noise

Whilst I expect that it is as much to do with my age as with anything else, but for me I find that many web sites I visit frequently along with much of the email I get regularly contains far too much irrelevant (to me), information and even where the topic/subject is of interest to me, is frankly boring. Now I could just leave it at that, accept that I’m just an old fart and move on but that really isn’t my way once something attracts my attention, I need to both look at it and play with the idea.

The result is this post because when I stood back from the issue, several things came into focus and not all of them good, what to me may be mildly annoying is in fact a sign of economic distress. Continue Reading →

Looking Back, Thinking Forward

It is some years since I worked regularly so at the age of 70 it is a time to clear away the past to prevent your children having to do it after you have passed on, to be frank I seem to spend a lot of time recently ‘disposing’ of stuff no longer needed. Yesterday I was going through some folders of past years accounts, shredding the contents and as I ploughed through the years 2000/01/02 several things caught my eye and started a chain of thought which I will share in this post. Continue Reading →

My Reasons for Wanting to Leave the EU

This for once, relatively short piece comes about following a conversation I had with someone who had read various of my posts on the UK’s membership of the EU. The question they posed was for me to explain in one key idea just why I felt that the UK leaving the EU was necessary. It was a very good question to ask because in among the “noise” being generated by both the IN and GO camps, it is important to hold on to just one solid reason that shapes your view.

So here goes and I will explain the header image in due course, it has a relevance. Continue Reading →

Rediscovering Past Kit

I am currently developing a new extension to this website so that I can completely separate my bloging activities from my photographs and images and this has involved going back through my work from the past 15 years or so which has been quite odd in some ways. I suppose that it is inevitable when you have a lot of ‘information’ and I have tens of thousands of pictures, that you “forget what you already know, have already done” so it becomes a bit of a journey in its own right.

However and once in this mindset it led to me ‘rediscovering’ past cameras and more than that besides… Continue Reading →

And So to Being 70

Today is my birthday, my 70th as it happens and I have received best wishes and love from family and friends by cards, email, phone and personal visits but I have no great celebrations planned because for me, my birthdays have never been a big deal.

This is something you learn early in life, having a birthday between the madness of Christmas and the start of a New Year means, although not for bad reasons that your particular birthday will often get overlooked by most though, not all. So broadly speaking, you resign yourself to accepting that ‘your birthday’ will rarely amount to a spectacular occasion and that is fine. Continue Reading →

And That is The Problem

I will start by saying that I am a fan of Canon cameras which I have heavily invested in by buying camera bodies and lenses from them since Christmas 2000, however consider the following summary of a press release :

The other day Canon Inc. announced that they’ve made over 80 million EOS-series interchangeable-lens cameras. Earlier this year in June 2015, Canon produced their 110-millionth EF-series lens, which was record-setting. There are several issues here… Continue Reading →

But Not For Me…

I have had a mobile phone since the 1990s and when I was working as a project manager on multiple sites, it was an essential business tool. However shortly after I left London for Somerset to look after my Parents and was no longer able to work, I cancelled my monthly contract and switched to a Pay As You Go arrangement.

By the time I was free and able to resume work, I was coming up for the Old Age Pension and my contacts and work sources of 7 years and more previously had all moved on so that was that and therefore there was no incentive to renew a monthly contract on a mobile. Continue Reading →