A Need for Common Sense

The British media, ever ready for any drama has a track record of photographers taking pictures of politicians carrying documents to and from meetings that can be clearly read when the images are enlarged. The obvious question arises is “Just how dumb are our politicians and their staff that this keeps happening ?”

This latest instance involves some assistant carrying hand written notes that ‘may’ indicate the UK Government’s desired objectives with regard to EU negotiations or ‘may well not’ but either way, their exposure should not have happened, folders are available and should be used. However this post is not so much about that specifically but more about what happens when people and ‘systems’ meet. Continue Reading →

Unrealistic Expectations

As a keen amateur photographer I am interested in new kit and the current/recent bi annual exhibition in Germany called Photokina is where the camera manufacturers display their current products. There are also several on line photographic sites I read and a particular favourite is Digitalrev. One of their journalists, Steve Law summarizing the current exhibition wrote an interesting article which is worth reading, if you are interested in such things:


However, it sets all kinds of thoughts in motion for me and I thought that I might share them for what this is worth… Continue Reading →

Liam Fox Makes a Gaff

Because I’m on a trip to the States, I am behind in posting new stuff however, a couple of issues did attracted my attention before leaving the UK and one of them concerns something Liam Fox said at a private meeting which inevitably was leaked to the Press.

There are many, business people and politicians who will say that in Liam Fox stating that business people today lack the drive and vision of their predecessors in earlier generations, he has made a “Serious Gaff”. I noticed a Labour politician saying that it was proof that he and the ‘Leavers’ never had a plan and were just lining up business people to blame if Brexit goes wrong. Continue Reading →

Ready For Change ?

There was a very good article in the Telegraph by William Hague in which he points to the promises that Theresa May has said with regard to her Government being one for “everybody and not just the privileged few”, He then raises the key question about whether she is ready for the huge economic changes that are about to engulf us.

Whilst I may not agree with everything he wrote or his motives for writing it, I do find it heartening to see an “establishment” figure finally pointing to the real problem that confronts the whole of our world. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/25/a-new-industrial-revolution-is-coming-is-theresa-may-ready-for-t/ Continue Reading →

More Than Lazy Journalism

I have below a ‘classic’ of the current genre but I will start with my basic proposition which concerns the turmoil in the global markets following the Brexit vote. At one level there are those on the “Remain” side who are saying “I told you so” but they are clearly wrong because something far more significant is happening. The Brexit vote has become more of a lightning conductor and a symbol for something far more radical which is that the whole idea of “globalisation” has probably run its course and together, the World needs to plot a totally new economic course for the future.

In this context and once the headless chickens stop panicking, Brexit may well have done the world and world peace a really big favour. Continue Reading →

It Is About Pictures

The interesting thing about most hobbies or past times is the passion of those that follow them, that can be generated over the smallest things that most often are not essential to the particular pursuit and this seems even more amplified by the attitudes developed by social media use. It doesn’t really matter what the particular pursuit is, most seem to require the purchase and use of ‘kit’ of one kind or another and inevitably with that comes what “is in or out of fashion” as far as such ‘kit’ is concerned.

This piece ‘focuses’ (forgive the pun), on my passion for photography but it applies to many other “hobbies” too. Continue Reading →

Time to Pause and Think

For those interested in such things, there is a background dispute going on between Apple and the FBI with regard to the former helping the latter to unlock a phone belonging one of those involved in the San Bernardino shootings where 14 people died. The only person who has said anything interesting was Bill Gates and even then what he said was misrepresented by negligent reporting.

What he actually indicated was that “We need to have a discussion about these issues” and he is right because once again we have society coming face to face with an issue that didn’t exist before our “digital age” and new thinking is required. Continue Reading →

Mobile Phone Companies

My basic question when it comes to mobile phone companies lies in whether they are smart or just totally stupid ? I ask this question because of “offers” that my mobile phone provider keeps texting me which are so obviously stupid that I cannot even imagine a sentient life form even concocting them in the first place.

Of course this silly behaviour is indicative of a flawed mindset on the part of the “management” likely supported by the ever incompetent “marketing people”. However it raises some interesting broader issues about both jobs and employment going forward. Continue Reading →

Volunteers in a Changing World

There was a news report on the BBC website concerning the use of unpaid volunteers in mainly the Police service. Obviously this is set against the background of public spending cutbacks and the impact this is having and going to have in the future on Policing. Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34697149

However perhaps the whole concept of volunteering needs to be looked at in a totally different light, rather than ‘cost cutting’ and more an essential way of building social cohesion at a time when the “world of work” is undergoing a radical transformation. Continue Reading →

The Digital Merry Go Round

The recent problems surrounding the data compromise at Talk Talk an internet service provider have hit the headlines heavily over these past few days and frankly this is not a bad thing. True for Talk Talk it is not the sort of publicity that they would wish because along with all their irate customers, this is the third time something like this has happened to them in a year.

So its all their fault then ? Well NO it really isn’t and a situation like this is a good thing to get people to stop, think and change their own behaviour because as we become ever more dependent upon the internet, we also need to take a far more responsible attitude towards it as users, laying back and “leaving it to others” will never be good enough. Continue Reading →