Revising British Politics – OAPs

The New Year’s Honours have been greeted by some, one might say the usual suspects with disdain over the continued use of “Empire” in some awards plus the “buggins turn” whereby senior civil servants get an award just based upon rank and service rather than any attempt at justification by personal merit.

This post does not focus on the Honours System which much like the BBC gets hit as an Aunt Sally from all sides of the political spectrum when people feel disgruntled about something and for whatever reason. This post is focused on what reforms we can make to our political system so that it is seen as more relevant and more responsive to, more people. Continue Reading →

The Irrelevance of the EU and Globalisation

Perhaps the most interesting thing concerning Brexit, votes in the Commons on the Brexit timetable and the case at the Supreme Court is just how totally irrelevant it all is to our immediate future as too is ‘globalisation’. Although all the “middle class and better educated” cling onto the idea that somehow the EU and Globalisation are essential benefits to their ways of life in truth they are being total Luddites in their thinking.

Or if you prefer, they are suffering from the same lack of imagination that saw all the guns at Singapore pointing out to sea when the Japanese, being rather unsporting, attacked from the land side which it being the ‘Panto Season’, is definitely a case of “Look behind you white liberal idiots !” Continue Reading →

A Need for Common Sense

The British media, ever ready for any drama has a track record of photographers taking pictures of politicians carrying documents to and from meetings that can be clearly read when the images are enlarged. The obvious question arises is “Just how dumb are our politicians and their staff that this keeps happening ?”

This latest instance involves some assistant carrying hand written notes that ‘may’ indicate the UK Government’s desired objectives with regard to EU negotiations or ‘may well not’ but either way, their exposure should not have happened, folders are available and should be used. However this post is not so much about that specifically but more about what happens when people and ‘systems’ meet. Continue Reading →

The Need to Understand

One of the most striking things following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump is the palpable sense of confusion and fear among the “Establishment” and in particular the media who are failing to see what has happened and likely will happen again in the next year. In simple terms, they just don’t understand it all or if they do, are in total denial about what they are witnessing and this reluctance to face the new reality helps nobody.

The phrase that politics is the art of the possible needs to be properly understood as we all move forward but both politicians and the media need to understand the current starting point. Continue Reading →

Misconduct in High Office

Having been in the USA a month ago, I have already posted my take on the “Ugly Pageant” that is the current Presidential race : so no point in further comments on it specifically.

However and whilst no fan of Hilary Clinton, I find the last minute intervention of the Director of the FBI in an all too obvious “political move” aimed to disadvantage one candidate little short of astonishing. Snap polls indicate a loss of support for Clinton when this obvious partisan intervention should surely mean that an intelligent electorate would swing behind her. Continue Reading →

Very Loud and Noisy

I am very fond of Americans, at the personal level over the years that I have visited and for a period, worked and lived in the US, I have largely been always treated with great kindness. This time on a visit to Washington State to see my uncle ‘Nuncky’ and his wife Jean, I have arrived at an interesting if slightly depressing moment in time, the 2016 US Presidential Election.

I write depressing simply because neither candidate inspires great confidence, one has probably been around too long, the other a total lunatic. To outsiders, Presidential races are rather odd in the extreme but this one seems rather odder than ever, even to US voters. A choice between two people who in different ways are equally objectionable and one suspects that in the end the winner rather than inspiring the voters will only be elected as the least worse choice rather than the best for the job. Continue Reading →

Taxation and Global Businesses

It has been obvious for a very long time that the way companies with a global reach operate with regard to their tax affairs is totally unacceptable. The people to blame for this are the political leaders and politicians of all countries who have been both too lazy and/or stupid to start the collective action internationally to put an end to these all too obvious abuses.

Whilst US politicians may howl with synthetic rage at the EU over the £11 billion tax demand which may well turn out to be the right “shot across the bow”, it is time and especially with the potential economic problems facing the global economy for everybody to start thinking and talking about the issue. Continue Reading →

Politicians Talking Crap

Whilst it might seem unfair to pick upon the Labour Leadership contest as that political party sets out to implode, it is never the less fair game because one of the candidates, Owen Smith seeks to claim that the “Tories are privatising the NHS”. Whilst one can understand that this is a shibboleth specifically designed to appeal to Labour Party members against a background where his chances of winning the leadership seem rather slim, as a statement it is both a lie and an insult to the intelligence of the public at large.

However it is not the “lie” that is important in this case but rather what that lie says about the state of mind of us the electorate and from that, how the language of politics needs to change radically in order that we as a Country can face the challenges of our immediate future. Continue Reading →

Knuckle Dragging

I have commented before on The Economist’s total inability to accept the Brexit vote, to be fair they are not the only ones there are scores of journalists and publications that seem to spend their time in trying to prove that it was the wrong decision to anybody who will listen even though a month has already passed. There was an article in The Economist which thus far has attracted 934 readers comments which is a lot and pretty much all disagreed with the Editors. Amusingly comment 934 was as follows:

“Looks like one thing for sure is that the Economist is not pandering to its readers. Its benefactors maybe, but judging from the comments not the plebes who read it. Perhaps because your truths about globalization are so self evident to your true believers they feel no need to come to its defense.” Continue Reading →

Plus ça change

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose – “the more it changes, the more it’s the same thing”. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the post EU Referendum result is the total bollocks being put about by those on the losing side. A petition of over 2 million people to set the result aside is one, a totally dangerous precedent if ever there was. Nicola Sturgeon banging on about Scotland’s essential interests in being part of the EU when economically it is totally bound to the UK, is another example and all sorts of other statements by European politicians with ‘hurt’ feelings.

High time some common sense was injected into the situation and people took notice of the wonderful French phrase above because for now, nothing has changed all that has happened is a signal has been posted to enable all the people involved to manage positive and beneficial changes over the years ahead. So to all whingers who didn’t like the result, “Get Over It and Yourselves !” Continue Reading →