Slaughter in Manchester

Much has been written about the appalling events in Manchester last Monday night when a suicide bomber killed 22 people and changed the lives of hundreds of others, survivors with injuries and all the family and friends connected to each and everyone.

I will not add to those countless words both written and spoken centred on the immediate tragedy and its aftermath but perhaps some general thoughts on the inevitable question that arises, Why ? Continue Reading →

The Need to Understand

One of the most striking things following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump is the palpable sense of confusion and fear among the “Establishment” and in particular the media who are failing to see what has happened and likely will happen again in the next year. In simple terms, they just don’t understand it all or if they do, are in total denial about what they are witnessing and this reluctance to face the new reality helps nobody.

The phrase that politics is the art of the possible needs to be properly understood as we all move forward but both politicians and the media need to understand the current starting point. Continue Reading →

Grammar Schools

I am a ‘grammar school boy’ and I find the arguments posed by both those who want them and equally those who oppose them, not just spurious in their assertions but also fundamentally flawed because both are missing the point. Worse, their thinking seeks to entrench everything that is wrong in our approach to education and guarantee continued failure for the majority of pupils for generations to come. Continue Reading →

Where To Next ?

For all the gloom and doom peddled by the “Remainers” prior to the EU Referendum, the sky has not fallen in following Brexit, our women and children have not been sold into slavery, famine, pestilence and war do not stalk the land – Oh Bugger I hear them say. It is only the Guardian and Independent who still seize upon any negative story to do with Brexit, even The Economist has finally stopped banging on endlessly about how wrong the result was.

On top of this, our Olympic athletes have surpassed all expectations in terms of their haul of Olympic Medals, well done to the whole team including all their support personnel, a just stunning effort all round. However, as Summer splutters towards its close, it is time to consider where we of UK plc go next and the steps we need to take. Continue Reading →

The Digital Merry Go Round

The recent problems surrounding the data compromise at Talk Talk an internet service provider have hit the headlines heavily over these past few days and frankly this is not a bad thing. True for Talk Talk it is not the sort of publicity that they would wish because along with all their irate customers, this is the third time something like this has happened to them in a year.

So its all their fault then ? Well NO it really isn’t and a situation like this is a good thing to get people to stop, think and change their own behaviour because as we become ever more dependent upon the internet, we also need to take a far more responsible attitude towards it as users, laying back and “leaving it to others” will never be good enough. Continue Reading →