The UK Media Has Totally Lost It

It is my view that the UK media including the BBC, have totally lost the plot when it comes to seeing what is going on around them and as a consequence are reporting total gibberish. Nobody has seemed to grasp just what a strange period in British politics we are going through and have been for the past year since the EU Referendum.

No one has made any efforts to tap into the mood of the electorate, having “decided what their (the media’s) themes and prejudices are”, every editor and dumb arsed reporter is proceeding robotically down that path without even a sideways glance at the electorate which is very odd state of affairs indeed. Continue Reading →

We Live in Interesting Times

To me there is a bit of Deja-vu about this election that recalls the one Ted Heath fought because of the miner’s strike, the electorate ran away then too ! There will be much musing over the runes and entrails by political commentators over the next few days, no doubt but the bottom line is simple:

She was right to go for a longer Parliament than she had to deal with Brexit and regardless of whom the next PM is, that is a bonus secured for the UK but the campaign was flawed and wrongly drawn around her rather than other policies. The Tory Manifesto was quite right about the upcoming problem of Care Costs but in political terms, it was unwise to mention it, the public are often truth averse however irrational that might be. David Cameron deliberately ‘bribed’ the OAP vote, Corbyn did the same with young people and the promise of “Free Universities”, it’s mucky, it’s nonsense but it is politics. Continue Reading →

Home Truths

I was reasonably pleased with the Conservative Manifesto that Theresa May launched the other day because she didn’t repeat the mistake that David Cameron and George Osborne did in 2015 with promises not to raise taxes that tied their hands completely, she has left herself enough ‘wriggle room’ which makes most sense in uncertain times.

But she did something else which is just as important if not more so, she made the point that if things were going to get fairer in British society then some reallocation of resources between different groups in society is inevitable, this is truth long overdue and something that politicians of all parties should acknowledge, despite the general election. Continue Reading →

Shooting Foxes Too…

The main reason for calling this general election hinges around the Brexit negotiations, Theresa May having a big enough majority to ensure that she has sufficient room for manoeuvre when striking a deal with the EU without being constrained by a minority within her own party much given to back seat driving be they Leavers or Remainers.

But it is also something else too, an opportunity to ditch the 2015 Conservative manifesto which laid far too many constraints on a ‘new’ Tory Government and as a side issue, it also has the effect of shooting the foxes of a few other people in the process. This may not be considered very “sporting” in some circles but, it is rather effective. Continue Reading →

The Need to Understand

One of the most striking things following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump is the palpable sense of confusion and fear among the “Establishment” and in particular the media who are failing to see what has happened and likely will happen again in the next year. In simple terms, they just don’t understand it all or if they do, are in total denial about what they are witnessing and this reluctance to face the new reality helps nobody.

The phrase that politics is the art of the possible needs to be properly understood as we all move forward but both politicians and the media need to understand the current starting point. Continue Reading →

Misconduct in High Office

Having been in the USA a month ago, I have already posted my take on the “Ugly Pageant” that is the current Presidential race : so no point in further comments on it specifically.

However and whilst no fan of Hilary Clinton, I find the last minute intervention of the Director of the FBI in an all too obvious “political move” aimed to disadvantage one candidate little short of astonishing. Snap polls indicate a loss of support for Clinton when this obvious partisan intervention should surely mean that an intelligent electorate would swing behind her. Continue Reading →

Electoral Reform and PR

Although I touched on my views concerning the election results and the numbers of votes cast for each Westminster seat gained, there was an article in the Telegraph by Peter Tatchell that touched directly on this topic.

Although I rarely these days engage in the “comments columns wars”, I did do a post on this as did many others and that was good because it led me to clarifying my views so below with the odd amendment or additional comment, how it went. Continue Reading →

Thanks Nicola

From a child I was always interested in history and such is the nature of humankind, history is inextricably linked to military history. And whilst I do not claim great insight nor am I setting down some “Golden Rule” but pretty early on I came to the conclusion that more battles were ‘Lost’ than ever ‘Won’.
By this I mean that very often, rather than the victory being the result of some brilliant tactical move by the victorious commander, most often it was because the loser made a mistake that they never recovered from. The relevance of this seems appropriate to the result of our recent General Election. Continue Reading →

The Next Labour Leader and PR

Really this is part of my post election reaction, it was a close run thing but some kind of sanity prevailed or just chance ? Horribly chance or luck seems to have won the day. David Cameron has two major issues to face, Scotland and the EU renegotiations. It is odd to think that Nicola Sturgeon saying repeatedly that she would prop up a minority Labour Government was the one thing that in the end put David Cameron back into Downing Street.

Although, my politics being right of centre it may seem odd for me to be concerned about who the next leader of the Labour Party is but I am. The reason is that just so long as we have a “first past the post” electoral system there will tend to be just two dominant political parties, we need strong competition between them, whoever is in opposition at one time must be capable of forming the next government. Continue Reading →

Thank Heavens it is Done…

I cannot express just how great my personal relief is that our General Election campaign is over and we have a far better result than the pollsters predicted – brilliant !

Obviously there are questions concerning our “first past the post” electoral system where UKIP polled greater than the SNP but only got one seat whereas the SNP got 56. True, the SNP only stood in Scottish seats so that their share of the vote was focused and concentrated whilst UKIP fought seats right across the UK. The way ahead will be interesting with two immediate issues, delivering greater autonomy to Scotland though once suspects they will harbour a “Grievance” no matter what is offered and negotiating with the EU which will be even more interesting.

Anyway, Well done Dave and the Very Best of Luck.