Reversing a Decision

This post is about me and my cameras but it could be about a wide variety of other things other than cameras but the principle is the same perhaps, knowing when to quit one course of action and instead do something else !

The story starts around 15 months ago when I decided to “churn” all my existing photographic kit and the header picture above of a particular camera is what started it off though the journey has had a rather different ending from the one I imagined at outset… Continue Reading →

Future Photography Trends

The other day I read a piece on DigitalRev by a photographer called Ben Davis on what he saw as the future of photography:

Whilst some of his views I agree with, there are others where I don’t but that said the article did was to provoke quite a number of thoughts on the topic of photography, where it is today and where it may go into the future, it is almost a repeat of the early days of photography and fine art painting but artists still exist today though at the time it might have seemed extinction was a possibility. Continue Reading →

An Unexpected Crossroads

Without a doubt, the most startling new camera that has been launched this year is the Sony a9 mirror-less camera which is aimed squarely at the professional photographer’s market. Technically it is a startlingly fast stills camera that can shoot at an amazing 20 frames per second, focuses brilliantly and does not suffer from the ‘mirror black out’ which is the curse of all mirror-less cameras when it comes to action photography.

So it should be game, set and match for the ‘old’ technology of the DSLR of Canon and Nikon or perhaps not ? It could be that this tour de force illustrates some limitations which are a lot more than purely technical. Continue Reading →

An Amazing 6 Months

How it all came about is a bit of a mystery, I can be frugal and “think myself poor” if I have a specific objective in sight and want to save for something plus, as you get to my age you want and need less also, I changed my mindset with regard to second hand gear. What has happened over this recent period of time is that I have completely upgraded my main camera gear and in doing so have set myself on specific paths in terms of what I want to achieve with my photography.

However this post it not just about camera gear it is also about reflecting on some aspects of our society and consumerism in a broader sense but “told through a lens” as it were. Continue Reading →

The Battle for the Future

I have written before and no doubt will again on the technical and economic changes that will completely change our society in the years ahead and a classic example of this is best illustrated by the current junior doctor’s industrial dispute. What junior doctors and Battle of Britain aircraft in this header illustration above have in common I will explain later.

However there are two strands to this dispute which we will see repeated in the years ahead, one is technology and the other concerns “job status” of the kind that saw the demise of the British Shipbuilding Industry over “chalk line” disputes. In fact all of these things contribute to making the Brexit vote absolutely correct going forward so that we can deal with change better. Continue Reading →

A Weekend for Play

The header is a picture I took last Saturday of the Red Arrows (of course), from the beach at Weston Super Mare. Each year for Armed Forces Day the Town put on an air display and quite a number of other features in and around a show arena they set up. The problem faced by every event organiser is the English weather, unpredictable to say the least and even with a lot of “brightening up” the picture stills shows a very grey sky !

I am particularly fond of the Weston event as it comes at the start of the air show season which really kicks in during July and offers me a rather special opportunity. Continue Reading →

It Is About Pictures

The interesting thing about most hobbies or past times is the passion of those that follow them, that can be generated over the smallest things that most often are not essential to the particular pursuit and this seems even more amplified by the attitudes developed by social media use. It doesn’t really matter what the particular pursuit is, most seem to require the purchase and use of ‘kit’ of one kind or another and inevitably with that comes what “is in or out of fashion” as far as such ‘kit’ is concerned.

This piece ‘focuses’ (forgive the pun), on my passion for photography but it applies to many other “hobbies” too. Continue Reading →

Time to Pause and Think

For those interested in such things, there is a background dispute going on between Apple and the FBI with regard to the former helping the latter to unlock a phone belonging one of those involved in the San Bernardino shootings where 14 people died. The only person who has said anything interesting was Bill Gates and even then what he said was misrepresented by negligent reporting.

What he actually indicated was that “We need to have a discussion about these issues” and he is right because once again we have society coming face to face with an issue that didn’t exist before our “digital age” and new thinking is required. Continue Reading →

Mobile Phone Companies

My basic question when it comes to mobile phone companies lies in whether they are smart or just totally stupid ? I ask this question because of “offers” that my mobile phone provider keeps texting me which are so obviously stupid that I cannot even imagine a sentient life form even concocting them in the first place.

Of course this silly behaviour is indicative of a flawed mindset on the part of the “management” likely supported by the ever incompetent “marketing people”. However it raises some interesting broader issues about both jobs and employment going forward. Continue Reading →

And That is The Problem

I will start by saying that I am a fan of Canon cameras which I have heavily invested in by buying camera bodies and lenses from them since Christmas 2000, however consider the following summary of a press release :

The other day Canon Inc. announced that they’ve made over 80 million EOS-series interchangeable-lens cameras. Earlier this year in June 2015, Canon produced their 110-millionth EF-series lens, which was record-setting. There are several issues here… Continue Reading →