Destroying a Brand

Born at the end of 1945, I do not come from a computer literate generation and therefore took some 3-4 years out of my working life in my 40s to learn about Information Technology. In this sense I was eager to learn and took every opportunity to attend lectures and talks that would broaden my knowledge even though sometimes I barely understood the topic properly. In time it did all come together and led me to a new career in IT.

There was one talk I attended that had this opening statement: “There are only two kinds of people in this world, those who have lost data and those who are going to !” Continue Reading →

Heathrow Expansion

It is hardly a surprise that Sir Howard Davies’s report on airport expansion should come down in favour of Heathrow, he never looked that tough enough to withstand the vested interests in promoting that as the ‘only solution’.

He has gone with the flow, the ‘easy answer’. Yes you can make a case for Heathrow BUT, it is not one that can withstand the environmental and practical problems of expanding a site that is just “in the wrong place” anyway. Continue Reading →