A Total Failure But…

I know it is positively absurd to quote oneself but last November after Trump won the White House I did write a piece about it: http://baldysblog.co.uk/2016/11/09/trump-wins-the-oval-office/ and I ended it with the following which is worth repeating as we move forward :

“In the end, Trump may well surprise us all and get positive change going both at home and abroad, let’s hope so even though there must be a suspicion that he is likely to be just another windbag. Either way he is now on the big stage, it is now time for him to perform…” Continue Reading →

And Enough…

It would be difficult to explain to any member of the SNP in terms that they would easily comprehend just how out of order their behaviour is to those of us South of the Border who have consistently supported the diversity of the constituent parts of these islands that make up the United Kingdom. So plain speaking in a manner that our Prime Minister charged with doing the best for all of the UK cannot be allowed to indulge in, is required.

The majority of us in England have had enough of your constant grievances and we wish you a second referendum on independence as soon as possible after Brexit negotiations are completed if you are really that unhappy, we have no problem with you leaving the UK if that is what a majority of your electorate want. Continue Reading →

A Lesson From Macbeth

Really this is less a blog post and more a reminder to us all of life’s fleeting glories. Of recent times we have seen ‘interventions’ from Tony Blair, Michael Heseltine and now John Major on the topic of Brexit. It is not so much the fact that I have a different view to them but more that they are wrong to try and speak as if they still owned their former “authority” when they no longer do. It may be hard for them to accept but now they are political ghosts. Continue Reading →

The Age of Instant Indignation

It hardly seems to matter these days what the cause is but at the press of a Twitter feed, an instant rent a crowd will turn up to protest loudly and passionately about something, anything, we seem to be living in an age of total intolerance. On the other hand I wonder whether these mindless displays of passion have more to do with a society where individuals are becoming more not less isolated by this age of so called ‘social media’. Continue Reading →

Misconduct in High Office

Having been in the USA a month ago, I have already posted my take on the “Ugly Pageant” that is the current Presidential race : http://baldysblog.co.uk/2016/09/23/very-loud-and-noisy/ so no point in further comments on it specifically.

However and whilst no fan of Hilary Clinton, I find the last minute intervention of the Director of the FBI in an all too obvious “political move” aimed to disadvantage one candidate little short of astonishing. Snap polls indicate a loss of support for Clinton when this obvious partisan intervention should surely mean that an intelligent electorate would swing behind her. Continue Reading →

A Foolish Intervention

I must own up and say that I’ve never had much sympathy for Julian Assange and the reasons have nothing to do with what he may or may not have done, it’s just that he always looks like a sneaky looking whiner. At school he was the kid you wanted to smack in the gob but never did because it would be too easy and there was no challenge in that.

But the latest episode complete with a bunch of brainless Muppets from the United Nations really takes the biscuit, what on earth were these people smoking or snorting when they came out with this one ? Continue Reading →

Never a Good Look

There are plenty on the Right who don’t like David Cameron, for them he just “isn’t right wing enough”, these are people who lack any grasp of the realities of politics. Like their extreme Left wing counter parts among socialists, these people are essentially bullies both blind and deaf to all reason, they want the world to be the way they imagine that it ‘should be’ rather than face the messy reality of what it actually is.

But whilst they are predictable, both boring and boorish, it is sad to see someone like Lord Ashcroft behaving like a spoilt child by publishing a rather questionable ‘biography’ the only purpose of which is to vent spite on Cameron because he felt that he wasn’t given enough acknowledgement after the 2010 election. However you cut it, for Ashcroft this really isn’t a ‘good look’, the man diminishes himself by funding such obvious and childish bile, very sad to see it in a grown man.

Refugees Are Not Just for Christmas

Whilst I am sure many will say that I am being ‘hard hearted’ the truth is that I am being very practical plus the death of one little boy whilst tragic, is no more tragic than the thousands some of whom would be children, who have already lost their lives in trying to cross the Mediterranean this year in unseaworthy boats.

The emotional masturbation we have seen and most disgracefully by politicians who know they personally don’t have to make a decision on the matter reminds me of that awful week following another tragedy when the Princess of Wales died, today is as bad. The reality is that an open door policy on this is as bad as paying ransoms to kidnappers, an incentive for lots more of the same. Continue Reading →

A No Brainer

The report with options for repairing the Palace of Westminster has offered Parliament 3 choices in terms of the time frames and costs involved, they have been careful not to suggest which version they prefer leaving it to Parliament to decide.

Why I don’t know because it is perfectly obvious that there is only one viable option, vacate the whole site and crack on with getting all the required work done at once, to imagine dragging it out over 11 or 32 years would be plainly bonkers. Continue Reading →

Reforming the Lords – Oh Not Again

There was an article in the Economist written under the Bagehot pen name on the House of Lords:

Now in truth, it also touched upon the impact that David Cameron not having a Tory majority there might have on the progress of key legislation given an embittered bunch of LibDem Peers in that House. But the thrust was quite simple: “lords-aged-overcrowded-and-increasingly-effective-democratic-embarrassment” Continue Reading →