A Basic Income

John Rentoul, a journalist who often writes common sense articles, wrote one concerning the idea of a “Basic Income” which he considers a very bad idea. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/basic-income-pilots-scotland-ubi-glasgow-finland-canada-ontario-switzerland-referendum-refuses-to-a7505561.html

In terms of the State paying a basic income to everyone regardless, I would agree it not only doesn’t make economic sense but it also represents the worse aspects of a “moral hazard” for society as a whole. There can never ever be a “something for nothing” in any transaction between the State and its citizens, there must always be a balance struck between rights and obligations for both sides. Continue Reading →

Time to Look Again at ID

With a general election in the offing, the question of Internet voting has risen its head once again but the big problem with it lies in “verification” by which I mean, is that a valid vote, is that an actual individual who is entitled to cast their vote electronically ?

For people like the Speaker of the House, Bercow to gaily indicate that it will happen in 5 years, is entirely stupid because he is seriously underestimating one of the key elements that makes any democracy valid, “That the count itself can be trusted”, even the most repressive countries have elections based upon one person one vote, but it doesn’t make them a democracy and there have been abuses of postal voting. Continue Reading →