Economist Nonsense

A magazine/newspaper I find rather hilarious because of its deep seated loathing of Brexit and “All of its associated evils !” is The Economist which like many of the “Remain” camp see in the recent election result a call to arms to overturn the referendum result. What they fail to acknowledge is the very obvious “The Dog that Didn’t Bark” in that if the public had changed their mind on Brexit, they had the opportunity to make that abundantly clear and particularly in Scotland which voted for Remain by some margin but focused this time on avoiding Inderef2 rather than Brexit.

But an article this week led me to react with a comment which in this post I will expand upon somewhat, my original can be seen in the comments on: Continue Reading →

Beware Ambition

“The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.” (James 3.6)

“The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing”. (Proverbs 12:18)

Both these Biblical quotes should be uppermost in the minds and hearts of every politician and journalist speaking or writing about the tragedy at Grenfell House and yet they are not, both Corbyn, Sadiq Khan and many in the media have been unbelievably reckless and this needs to stop. Continue Reading →

A Vote for Parliamentary Supremacy

Whilst not the result that I would have thought ideal or expedient, as someone who voted for ‘Leave’ an important part of which was the sovereignty of Parliament in these islands, I have no problem with the ruling of The Supreme Court. I especially appreciated that their Lordships confined themselves to the basic principles rather than get themselves in a tangle over the details.

For Gina Miller this was a “victory” but I suspect that for her, it hardly seems like one and if the Palace of Westminster does it’s job efficiently, legislation should pass before the end of February which is not to say that the principle wasn’t worth fighting for with the vast amounts of ‘lawyer money’ it will have cost her, I suppose. Continue Reading →

A Foolish Challenge

Today the High Court decided that the Government didn’t have the legal right to trigger Article 50 without Parliament’s agreement. The case was bought by a group of people led by a lady called Gina Miller who of course said in true mealy mouthed fashion: “she has stressed throughout that the challenge is not an attempt to overturn the referendum decision”. Of course not dear !

However whilst this lady may feel she has got her way, in reality she may well have triggered events opposite to her intentions because there is no such thing as a “limited war”. As a “Leaver” am I bothered ? Not really but it leads to a range of “unintended consequences” as is so often the case… Continue Reading →

China and the Future

There was an article in The Economist called “China Chronicle of a death foretold”which was largely based upon a book “Why China must adapt or die China’s Future” by David Shambaugh.

Obviously because of its recent and incredible industrial growth, China is a very interesting topic in the West but at the same time, it seems to me, very little understood and although I claim no ‘authoritative’ insight I had an amusing exchange of comments with some other readers… Continue Reading →

The Nonsense on Taxation

Whilst politicians prance and pose over the issue of how much Corporation Tax Google, Starbucks, Amazon etc pay, the simple facts are that they are ALL negligent in (a) Explaining the Issue to the public and (b) Failing to do anything practical about it.

The sooner people stop talking pure bullshit on the topic and instead switch to whatever limited brain power they have at their command, the better. This is an international issue that is outside of the control of any national government working by itself to resolve and as it has major implications for consumers, a better informed public needs to get involved. Continue Reading →

A Foolish Intervention

I must own up and say that I’ve never had much sympathy for Julian Assange and the reasons have nothing to do with what he may or may not have done, it’s just that he always looks like a sneaky looking whiner. At school he was the kid you wanted to smack in the gob but never did because it would be too easy and there was no challenge in that.

But the latest episode complete with a bunch of brainless Muppets from the United Nations really takes the biscuit, what on earth were these people smoking or snorting when they came out with this one ? Continue Reading →

Major Constitutional Reform

In most respects, the question of whether the UK should remain in the EU is a rather minor one compared with dealing with the European Court of Human Rights which like Brussels, as an institution seeks always to maintain and expand its reach at every opportunity. In reality the ECHR will be totally ignored by any tin pot dictator that comes to power, like policing, Courts of any kind rely on the support of their ‘public’ to function.

However in dealing with the disaster that was the Human Rights Act introduced under the Blair Government, can lead to opening a whole can of worms that can make significant rapid progress very difficult. I would suggest that the reasons are worth looking into. Continue Reading →

We Need to Understand

From the graphic above to the recent and latest news concerning another mass shooting in the USA, you may think that this particular blog will focus on the complexing issue of US gun deaths and “Why don’t they do something about it ?” But whilst I will touch on that, it will be more as an example of something.

What I really want to focus on and in a number of different ways, is the volume of sheer stupidity we see in the media and coming from the mouths of politicians and pundits concerning things that happen in other countries, perhaps the full headline should better read: “We Need to Understand that We do not Understand”. Continue Reading →

What Were They Thinking ?

I personally found much of the treatment of BP by the US legal system following the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to be totally shabby and lacking in any sense of ‘justice’. It was clear that BP because it was a “foreign company” was going to be treated far more harshly than any American corporate would be under the same circumstances because in these situations the US Courts are totally xenophobic.

Plus US politicians just can’t resist the chance to attack “Johnny Foreigner”, to make them look strong to the electors and because we, non US citizens don’t have a vote there, a cheap and easy win for them. Continue Reading →