New Directions

Sometimes in life I can buzz around in this way or that in an apparently totally haphazard fashion getting absolutely nowhere and making no progress in any particular direction. I have been doing this quite a lot in recent times however I also trust to whatever it is that drives me during these periods of my life and therefore just treat it as a “process” of some kind that needs to happen, it sorts itself out in the end. Continue Reading →

A Weekend for Play

The header is a picture I took last Saturday of the Red Arrows (of course), from the beach at Weston Super Mare. Each year for Armed Forces Day the Town put on an air display and quite a number of other features in and around a show arena they set up. The problem faced by every event organiser is the English weather, unpredictable to say the least and even with a lot of “brightening up” the picture stills shows a very grey sky !

I am particularly fond of the Weston event as it comes at the start of the air show season which really kicks in during July and offers me a rather special opportunity. Continue Reading →

Rediscovering Past Kit

I am currently developing a new extension to this website so that I can completely separate my bloging activities from my photographs and images and this has involved going back through my work from the past 15 years or so which has been quite odd in some ways. I suppose that it is inevitable when you have a lot of ‘information’ and I have tens of thousands of pictures, that you “forget what you already know, have already done” so it becomes a bit of a journey in its own right.

However and once in this mindset it led to me ‘rediscovering’ past cameras and more than that besides… Continue Reading →

And So to Being 70

Today is my birthday, my 70th as it happens and I have received best wishes and love from family and friends by cards, email, phone and personal visits but I have no great celebrations planned because for me, my birthdays have never been a big deal.

This is something you learn early in life, having a birthday between the madness of Christmas and the start of a New Year means, although not for bad reasons that your particular birthday will often get overlooked by most though, not all. So broadly speaking, you resign yourself to accepting that ‘your birthday’ will rarely amount to a spectacular occasion and that is fine. Continue Reading →

It’s the Second Generation

Following the dreadful events of Friday 13th November in Paris there will quite naturally be a lot of fear right across Europe and not just in France. The Charlie Hebdo killings were of a different nature, they were people “guilty” of something in the eyes of their murderers but this time was different, their targets were ordinary people doing ordinary things on the night before the weekend.

With the elimination of most of this gang during the week, attention will turn inevitably towards thoughts of how to prevent more of the same in the future as well as the political impacts of these events. I have no “news” to offer on this but perhaps I do have a few thoughts to share. Continue Reading →

The Digital Merry Go Round

The recent problems surrounding the data compromise at Talk Talk an internet service provider have hit the headlines heavily over these past few days and frankly this is not a bad thing. True for Talk Talk it is not the sort of publicity that they would wish because along with all their irate customers, this is the third time something like this has happened to them in a year.

So its all their fault then ? Well NO it really isn’t and a situation like this is a good thing to get people to stop, think and change their own behaviour because as we become ever more dependent upon the internet, we also need to take a far more responsible attitude towards it as users, laying back and “leaving it to others” will never be good enough. Continue Reading →

But Not For Me…

I have had a mobile phone since the 1990s and when I was working as a project manager on multiple sites, it was an essential business tool. However shortly after I left London for Somerset to look after my Parents and was no longer able to work, I cancelled my monthly contract and switched to a Pay As You Go arrangement.

By the time I was free and able to resume work, I was coming up for the Old Age Pension and my contacts and work sources of 7 years and more previously had all moved on so that was that and therefore there was no incentive to renew a monthly contract on a mobile. Continue Reading →

My Reality and Angels

Being of Anglo/Irish origins, I was bought up as a Catholic but living in a working class area during the 1950s in South West London, my ‘out of school’ friends were a very mixed bunch and their religion or none, didn’t matter. I suspect that we all took the view that ‘religion’ was something rather imposed on you by your parents so that it “just wasn’t your fault” whatever you were and therefore not worth talking about.

However being a child in the 1950s inevitably led to being a teenager in those rather ‘heady years’ that were the 1960s and with regard to religion, this is where things became rather interesting and a time when decisions were taken by many on the matter. Continue Reading →

A Rewind

The Summer holiday period has always been the same in the UK, as Parliament moves towards its Summer Recess and the daily cut and thrust of political drama is no more, we enter the ‘Silly Season’ which is well under way in the Media. We have pictures of a 6 year old Queen Elizabeth apparently giving a Nazi salute, ‘Killer Seagulls’, the stories will get even worse between now and the Autumn Party Conference season because they have to do something to sell newspapers and any nonsense will do !

However and on a personal note, it coincides with me going through a “rewind” and an urgent necessity to revisit my past before I can move forward again on a brand new project I have set myself. Continue Reading →

My Father’s Medals

I was very fond of my Father, he was a nice chap who was never one to pour petrol on a fire and when he died on Easter Monday 2007 at the age of 86, I missed him and the conversations we had together. Even as I reached my 60th year, there was still that father/son bond and his gentle and subtle ways to reaffirming his faith in me and even then, my potential yet to come.

It was probably about 4 years ago, after my Mother too had passed on that I was decorating my front room and putting one of my Grandfather’s and Pop’s medals into display cases to hang on the wall when I had a realisation about a human condition that likely applies to most of us, a sense of “us not having achieved/done enough…” Continue Reading →