The UK Media Has Totally Lost It

It is my view that the UK media including the BBC, have totally lost the plot when it comes to seeing what is going on around them and as a consequence are reporting total gibberish. Nobody has seemed to grasp just what a strange period in British politics we are going through and have been for the past year since the EU Referendum.

No one has made any efforts to tap into the mood of the electorate, having “decided what their (the media’s) themes and prejudices are”, every editor and dumb arsed reporter is proceeding robotically down that path without even a sideways glance at the electorate which is very odd state of affairs indeed. Continue Reading →

Get Your Excuses In First

It is with great amusement surely that the world of British politics can watch Nicola Sturgeon twist and turn until she is tied up hopelessly in knots of her own making. As I’ve written before, I have a certain sympathy with her predicament in a post referendum UK that has delivered a Brexit decision, for her it is a tricky one to handle and the circumstances are not on her side. To to try and squeeze in a second indy referendum might well produce a worse result for the SNP than even last time… Continue Reading →

A UK Breakup – Not Likely

In the wake of the Brexit vote we have Nicola Sturgeon talking about another referendum on Scottish independence and even the Irish Taoiseach (Irish prime minister) Enda Kenny’s comments on a possible referendum on Irish unity a “border poll”. I suspect that although anything is possible if people want it bad enough, neither represents much in the way of economic reality nor likely the wishes of the majority.

Whilst there are strident voices both in SNP Scotland and Nationalist Ireland the simple truth is that in just economic terms, the UK is far more important to NI and Scotland than the EU will ever be. Plus that may also be true for Southern Ireland too and even so, there must be a really big question mark over whether the majority of Southern Irish citizens would actually welcome reunification of Ireland with all the problems that is likely to bring with it. Continue Reading →

The Twins

Although it may not be immediately obvious given that these two, Trump and Corbyn stand at the opposite ends of the Right/Left political spectrum but these two politicians are in fact twins in who they are and what they represent to their parties and their respective US/UK electorates.

Neither would be leading or in Trump’s case, trying to lead their political parties if there was better talent available. Both represent a highly simplistic view of the current ‘issues’, how they can be solved and delivered but their acceptance by their core vote really represents sheer desperation however, both are also essential to reviving the political process in their respective countries. Continue Reading →

Politics at By-Elections

There was quite a fun piece in the Telegraph by Asa Bennett and Laurence Dodds where they used statistics to demonstrate what any reduction in Labour’s vote in Oldham’s by election would mean if extrapolated right across the UK:

As they point out, this is not the way things work in the real world and no by election result can really be used to accurately predict the outcome of a General Election but it leads to some interesting thoughts… Continue Reading →

A Predicament for Corbyn

On Sunday apart from attending the Remembrance Ceremony at the Cenotaph, Jeremy Corbyn got into a row over remarks made by Gen Sir Nicholas Houghton the Chief of the Defence Staff who said that he would be unhappy if there was a PM who had publicly stated that they would not use Britain’s nuclear deterrent.

This led to an interesting situation. On the one hand it is a fact that our armed forces do not involve themselves in politics and are subservient to the will of Parliament. However and on the other, Corbyn by his stance over nuclear weapons, historical though it may be, places the armed forces in a ridiculous position were he ever to become Prime Minister. Continue Reading →

Electoral Reform and PR

Although I touched on my views concerning the election results and the numbers of votes cast for each Westminster seat gained, there was an article in the Telegraph by Peter Tatchell that touched directly on this topic.

Although I rarely these days engage in the “comments columns wars”, I did do a post on this as did many others and that was good because it led me to clarifying my views so below with the odd amendment or additional comment, how it went. Continue Reading →

Strange But…

I have for a number of odd reasons been both aware of and interested in politics since before I left primary school so even I find this strange but the fact is, this General Election is a complete turn off for me and I’m not terribly interested in it. The default setting as my initial TV programme is always BBC 24, I suspect this will become a no go zone for me until after May8th.

Most times I just cannot bear to watch the England football team play, they are far too inconsistent and guaranteed always to disappoint in the end, their poor showing in Brazil about summed up generations of England performances and the pitiful plight of any supporter. Are these two things related ? Yes in a way, they suffer the same affliction – the bloody media. Continue Reading →

Time to Wake Up to Reality

If I were a Welsh or Scottish Nationalist, I would be very tempted to start a campaign to rid my local politics of both these women and anybody else in the party leadership who were so dumb as to come out with the stuff these two do. The idea that if England voted to leave the EU, the Celtic nations would have a veto on that decision, is not just utter nonsense, it betrays a lack of awareness of the realities of the UK.

Although admittedly in the Telegraph which would seize on such quotes, never the less, it was said. Continue Reading →

English Only Votes, an Irrelevance

I was chatting to a friend of mine today that I meet regularly on my morning bike ride and as us old chaps do, we were ‘putting the world to rights’ and during the conversation he made a very good point that “Too many people set out to solve the wrong problem, they need to stop and think more.” He was right and the question of “English votes on English matters” is a prime case in point.

I like David Cameron and frankly come next May, realistically he is the “only game in town” when it comes to who the next Prime Minister should be but, setting the petty politics to one side on this he has got it wrong, it really isn’t a problem worth solving. More than that and uncomfortable though it may be for some Celtic politicians to acknowledge in a positive way, it goes to the heart of what the Union is really all about which is not about local assembly or parliaments. Continue Reading →