Betwixt and Between

Its Summer and I’m busy going to places and events, well it is that time of year and if you don’t do it now, when will you ? It is also traditionally a time of year when politics gets rather boring and the Press start the “Silly Season” for fake or dubious news stories. This year is little different and that in itself is quite interesting.

We have just had a “failed” election that has seen little meaningful change, a bad run of tragedies involving terrorists and a terrible high rise fire that has probably claimed 80 lives on top of which we have started Brexit negotiations. Overall you would expect this year to be very different indeed and yet…it really isn’t which is odd. Continue Reading →

Surely Impeachment Beckons Now ?

My views on the now former head of the FBI, James Comey and his behaviour over the Clinton private email server I have already written about last year –

That he deserved to be removed from his job back then, was obvious but for Donald Trump to do so now whilst citing Comey’s behaviour back then which Trump praised loudly at the time, is little short of a totally stupid act by “The Donald” and may well prove fatal to the Trump Presidency. Continue Reading →

President Macron’s Problems

The second round of the French Presidential election has run its predictable course and France now has a President Macron in no small part to people voting to keep Marine Le Pen out plus more than the 11 million who voted for her, either abstaining or spoiling their ballot papers. These elections have often in the past delivered a winner by default rather than a President seen as the “man for all of France” and this is really where the problems begin.

Equally of no surprise, along with a huge sigh of relief in Brussels, The Economist penned a ‘joyful article: Continue Reading →

And Enough…

It would be difficult to explain to any member of the SNP in terms that they would easily comprehend just how out of order their behaviour is to those of us South of the Border who have consistently supported the diversity of the constituent parts of these islands that make up the United Kingdom. So plain speaking in a manner that our Prime Minister charged with doing the best for all of the UK cannot be allowed to indulge in, is required.

The majority of us in England have had enough of your constant grievances and we wish you a second referendum on independence as soon as possible after Brexit negotiations are completed if you are really that unhappy, we have no problem with you leaving the UK if that is what a majority of your electorate want. Continue Reading →

Oscars Night

I am no fan of awards ceremonies but there was an amusing thing that came up in an interview with some of the show production team and with an eye on tonight’s presentations likely to attract a degree of anti Trump speeches. Apparently if an award winner goes too far off the reservation, the Director will strike up the band and drown them out, “Your time is up !” set to music as it were.

Now whilst I’m not suggesting that we should have orchestras in the House of Lords, something Michael Heseltine is reported to have said concerning a ‘rebellion against the Government’ over the Article 50 Bill, did make me smile and bought the image to mind. Continue Reading →

For Heaven’s Sake Man

I cannot imagine a man less qualified to talk about Brexit than our former Prime Minister Tony Blair especially as without the restraining hand of Gordon Brown, the idiot would have had us abandoning Sterling and being part of the eurozone. The result of this would have been on a par or worse for the UK than the consequences of the Iraq war Blair got us into on the basis of total “misinformation” and flawed intelligence.

Regardless of which way they voted in the EU Referendum, I can’t imagine many who would give Blair much credence for telling the truth plus, he is clearly part of the political and wealthy elite who really didn’t understand what ordinary people were thinking or why they voted Leave. Continue Reading →

Bring It All On

In his first week in Office, Donald Trump has been signing Executive Orders like mad all designed to show his supporters that he fully intends to live up to the promises he made on the campaign trail. The consequences of most of these will be catastrophic to comical but believe it or not, this is a ‘good thing’ because in one way or another it will publicly demonstrate the limits to his power and this may well be a deliberate tactic on his part.

We have all the usual UK domestic political suspects raging about Theresa May not ‘condemning’ the 90 day ban on refugees and people from specific Muslim countries but Realpolitik says that she was right to hold back on that and common sense also dictates caution, rushing to judgement may prove to be very foolish in the end. Continue Reading →

A Change is Coming

I’m no fan of Donald Trump but to be fair to the roughly 50% of American voters that did bother to cast their ballot, they really didn’t have much of a choice as both candidates were distinctly lacklustre in one way or another. However unlikely it seemed 12 months ago, “The Donald” ended up with the job and has been duly inaugurated.

Clearly we have no idea what kind of President he will be, as I wrote to my Uncle who lives over there: “… either Trump is the thin skinned, egotistical narcissist he appears to be in which case and given “The American Way” of doing things, he won’t last long then it will be “Hail President Pence” or…he might turn out to be a very smart President who really achieves great things, only time will tell.” Continue Reading →

Trump Wins the Oval Office

They say a country always gets the government it deserves and Trump’s victory is no exception though what it actually means in practical terms only time will tell though I am sure that “The Markets” will go in a tail spin over it all as people ponder the link, if any between Trump’s rhetoric and practical reality .

What is certainly true is that this has been by far the most depressing American election I can ever remember between two truly awful candidates, the most interesting thing will be to see how following such a divisive contest there can be a binding up of the deep wounds that have opened up during the course of it right across the USA. Continue Reading →

MPs Need to Back Off

On Sunday morning Nick Clegg the former Leader of the LibDems, Deputy PM and well known lover of all things EU proposed that Theresa May should present her plans for Brexit to the House and prior to starting negotiations with Brussels. As a ploy to overturn the democratically expressed wishes to leave the EU, it was all too obvious, an attempt that by using Parliamentary procedure, the whole negotiations would descend into total farce and totally cobble the UK Government. Shame upon that man !

Although fortunately not in the real sense, the Brexit discussions need to be treated by the UK the same as going to war, you do not tell your ‘enemy’ your plans any more than you would in a shooting war. Continue Reading →