Loose Language and Crackpot Media

Some years ago when visiting one of my Sons, their teenage babysitter was talking about her recent shoe buying spree, I made a remark about Emelda Marcos who was a well known passionate hoarder of shoes. My Daughter in Law looked at me smiled and said “She has no idea who you are talking about.” Of course she was right and as you get older, things you think of still as fairly recent, often turn out to have happened 20 or 30 years ago.

This came to mind with the recent hullabaloo concerning “MP Anne Marie Morris suspended for racist remark” a clear case of total nonsense bought about by spite and a hungry media. Continue Reading →

Destroying a Brand

Born at the end of 1945, I do not come from a computer literate generation and therefore took some 3-4 years out of my working life in my 40s to learn about Information Technology. In this sense I was eager to learn and took every opportunity to attend lectures and talks that would broaden my knowledge even though sometimes I barely understood the topic properly. In time it did all come together and led me to a new career in IT.

There was one talk I attended that had this opening statement: “There are only two kinds of people in this world, those who have lost data and those who are going to !” Continue Reading →

Taxation and Global Businesses

It has been obvious for a very long time that the way companies with a global reach operate with regard to their tax affairs is totally unacceptable. The people to blame for this are the political leaders and politicians of all countries who have been both too lazy and/or stupid to start the collective action internationally to put an end to these all too obvious abuses.

Whilst US politicians may howl with synthetic rage at the EU over the £11 billion tax demand which may well turn out to be the right “shot across the bow”, it is time and especially with the potential economic problems facing the global economy for everybody to start thinking and talking about the issue. Continue Reading →

Just Too Much Noise

Whilst I expect that it is as much to do with my age as with anything else, but for me I find that many web sites I visit frequently along with much of the email I get regularly contains far too much irrelevant (to me), information and even where the topic/subject is of interest to me, is frankly boring. Now I could just leave it at that, accept that I’m just an old fart and move on but that really isn’t my way once something attracts my attention, I need to both look at it and play with the idea.

The result is this post because when I stood back from the issue, several things came into focus and not all of them good, what to me may be mildly annoying is in fact a sign of economic distress. Continue Reading →

Electoral Reform and PR

Although I touched on my views concerning the election results and the numbers of votes cast for each Westminster seat gained, there was an article in the Telegraph by Peter Tatchell that touched directly on this topic. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/general-election-2015/politics-blog/11606354/Whatever-you-think-of-Ukip-or-the-Greens-our-electoral-system-is-robbing-them.html

Although I rarely these days engage in the “comments columns wars”, I did do a post on this as did many others and that was good because it led me to clarifying my views so below with the odd amendment or additional comment, how it went. Continue Reading →

The Next Labour Leader and PR

Really this is part of my post election reaction, it was a close run thing but some kind of sanity prevailed or just chance ? Horribly chance or luck seems to have won the day. David Cameron has two major issues to face, Scotland and the EU renegotiations. It is odd to think that Nicola Sturgeon saying repeatedly that she would prop up a minority Labour Government was the one thing that in the end put David Cameron back into Downing Street.

Although, my politics being right of centre it may seem odd for me to be concerned about who the next leader of the Labour Party is but I am. The reason is that just so long as we have a “first past the post” electoral system there will tend to be just two dominant political parties, we need strong competition between them, whoever is in opposition at one time must be capable of forming the next government. Continue Reading →