Unintended Consequences

There was a really interesting piece in the Telegraph by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on the Greek crisis which basically puts the post referendum mess down to the Greek PM not expecting to win it.

This is worth a read whether you agree with the opinion and view expressed or not but the reason I highlight it is because it fits with a view I have always had that often, very often, people and especially politicians go down a path without realising that the Law of Unintended Consequences will apply to their decisions. Continue Reading →

Life is Wedge Shaped

This rather personal post is a “thinking out loud” piece more than a moan about anything and part of the reason I’m writing it is to illustrate in action something I believe in with regard to sustaining and supporting the NHS.

To my mind the NHS is unsustainable, at least in terms of what people expect from it and imagine it to be, in its current form. There are only three things that can sustain it in the years ahead, the use of technology, using unpaid volunteers extensively and the BIG breakthrough, getting people to take charge of their own health from early in life and all the way through. Continue Reading →

Build More Londons

There was a really interesting article last week by Matthew Lynn in the Telegraph putting a rather good point that instead of ‘moaning’ about the dominance of London within the UK, we should should set out to replicate it a couple of times in other parts of these islands.

The article is well worth a read so here is the link – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/11513069/What-Britain-really-needs-is-a-couple-more-Londons.html Continue Reading →

Extending the Idea of Volunteers

In an earlier post ( http://baldysblog.co.uk/2014/12/06/us-oaps-can-help/ ), I was looking at sustaining the NHS as an affordable public service and specifically caring for the over 60s which had led me to ponder the use of using unpaid volunteers in certain roles specifically getting the fit over 60s to help care for the ailing over 60s. Since then I have had a couple of other ideas where it might be possible to both increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of another major area whilst tackling other social problems.

So this post looks at using volunteers in the provision of Defence but set against the background of the current and projected global situation and in particular the impacts on youth employment. I hope it makes for interesting reading. Continue Reading →

Time to Look Again at ID

With a general election in the offing, the question of Internet voting has risen its head once again but the big problem with it lies in “verification” by which I mean, is that a valid vote, is that an actual individual who is entitled to cast their vote electronically ?

For people like the Speaker of the House, Bercow to gaily indicate that it will happen in 5 years, is entirely stupid because he is seriously underestimating one of the key elements that makes any democracy valid, “That the count itself can be trusted”, even the most repressive countries have elections based upon one person one vote, but it doesn’t make them a democracy and there have been abuses of postal voting. Continue Reading →

Time to Speak and Hear Truth

This year 2015 is a General Election year as we all know, we can expect to hear numerous assertions on this topic or that from every side of the UK political spectrum. However and before we are assaulted with this wall of sound, We the UK electorate need to stop, take a time out and then together, regardless of our political views, change this country for the better.

How we can do this is very simple, we need to stop behaving like children and expect politicians to pander to us, we need plain truth. It is not enough for politicians to tell us the truth, we also need to listen to it and use our common sense to translate the limitations into practical policies that make sense and deliver the kind of society that we want to live in. What follows is me pointing out some rather obvious things that under current circumstances, no politician dare utter because if they spoke the obvious truth, no one would vote for them. That’s crazy isn’t it ? Continue Reading →

The Nonsense of Our Age

There is a totally destructive force at work in our society which is paralysing rational thinking, the logical assessment of issues and where required, appropriate corrective actions. It is called “Outrage” and is fuelled by a media that is dying commercially and so desperate for attention that even the smallest problem is escalated to a major issue where “Someone must be blamed !” This goes hand in glove with a society obsessed with “it’s Rights” but apparently oblivious to its responsibilities and most of all fails to use its brain before its mouth. Continue Reading →

We Need to Upgrade

I know they are often cute and quite amusing but the harsh truth is that we need to upgrade our Members of Parliament, we need better engineered models to face the challenges of the 21st Century, models that won’t be distracted by ‘Candy Crush’ playing and such like stuff.

This is not a trivial task and from outset we need to understand that as with any educational process, it will take time to gradually replace them all. Upgrading/replacing the current hardware is the easy bit but the most important part is upgrading the software too so that both MPs and their constituents start off on the same page with the same expectations of behaviour. Continue Reading →

The Union Matters

Although to some it may be unpalatable, it must surely be time to speak plain truths to all the peoples of these islands, the Union and the continuation of the UK is in the interests of all the citizens of the United Kingdom. If people want to go their own way, they are at liberty to do so but they need to speak truthfully to those they claim to represent, their personal desire for fame and position must not stand in the way of the hard facts.

Each of the people depicted above represent conflicting political views, they are entitled to those but they need to realise that there is only one forum where they should be aired and that is in the Parliament of the UK at Westminster and in each case, it is in their interests to support and enhance that chamber and not waste time complaining about where it is. I am sure that the people of the Highlands and Islands feel no more certain that people based in Edinburgh know any more about their needs than those based in London do, neither live their lives. Continue Reading →

A Confused Electorate

In the past one of the things that annoyed me most with the Doctors I had to deal with both as GPs and Consultants in Hospitals was their “God Complex”. By this I mean that rather than explaining anything in detail or just being upfront and honest about the problem, they all too easily fell back into “Doctor knows best, we will deal with it…” mode, an attitude that seemed to indicate that they thought you were too stupid to understand anyway.

When my Brother was ill in New York and I spoke with his American Doctors, they were the complete opposite, totally upfront, frank and open, it was a refreshing experience. A little time later at a family wedding, I had an interesting conversation with the husband of one of my cousins who is a Doctor… Continue Reading →