Slaughter in Manchester

Much has been written about the appalling events in Manchester last Monday night when a suicide bomber killed 22 people and changed the lives of hundreds of others, survivors with injuries and all the family and friends connected to each and everyone.

I will not add to those countless words both written and spoken centred on the immediate tragedy and its aftermath but perhaps some general thoughts on the inevitable question that arises, Why ? Continue Reading →

Turkey a Brewing Storm

Nobody in the European context wants to see a military coup so the fact that the one in Turkey was stopped by the Police and people coming out onto the streets is a “good thing” unfortunately it is also a symptom of further troubles ahead, this attempted coup is wholly down to the foolish tactics used by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

This is not a very bright man and Europe in terms of the EU and NATO need to start contingency planning for a Turkey that becomes embroiled in internal friction whilst also being targeted by other Middle Eastern forces determined to destabilise it. Continue Reading →

A Major Cultural Crisis

When looking at the flood of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and various parts of Africa into Europe, a flood likely to become a Tsunami during 2016, it is obvious to predict that there will be significant cultural problems. This was demonstrated only too clearly over the New Years celebrations in various European countries when young men of “Middle Eastern appearance” behaved badly.

That this should happen cannot be any kind of surprise considering where these people have come from but the real problems are that liberal Western societies just haven’t prepared themselves properly for integrating these people and it is time they woke up to that fact and shaped up to do so. Waving flowers and saying “Welcome All” is just plain daft, a policy is needed. Continue Reading →

It’s the Second Generation

Following the dreadful events of Friday 13th November in Paris there will quite naturally be a lot of fear right across Europe and not just in France. The Charlie Hebdo killings were of a different nature, they were people “guilty” of something in the eyes of their murderers but this time was different, their targets were ordinary people doing ordinary things on the night before the weekend.

With the elimination of most of this gang during the week, attention will turn inevitably towards thoughts of how to prevent more of the same in the future as well as the political impacts of these events. I have no “news” to offer on this but perhaps I do have a few thoughts to share. Continue Reading →

My Reality and Angels

Being of Anglo/Irish origins, I was bought up as a Catholic but living in a working class area during the 1950s in South West London, my ‘out of school’ friends were a very mixed bunch and their religion or none, didn’t matter. I suspect that we all took the view that ‘religion’ was something rather imposed on you by your parents so that it “just wasn’t your fault” whatever you were and therefore not worth talking about.

However being a child in the 1950s inevitably led to being a teenager in those rather ‘heady years’ that were the 1960s and with regard to religion, this is where things became rather interesting and a time when decisions were taken by many on the matter. Continue Reading →

Free Speech Does Have Limits

Following the shocking events in Paris last week, the magnificent response of the French Police and Security Services, the murderous perpetrators were bought to justice. The march last Sunday was a very French and excellent gesture by all who took part in it. There can be no justification for the actions of these three individuals and yes, freedom of speech and expression is an important principle that we should all defend however, there is a BUT… Continue Reading →