The Right Call

As in any negotiation, there are often doubts as to which path to follow, which ‘thing’ to push and which to hold back on but sometimes and once you have taken a decision, you can get confirmation that you were right by the reaction of others. When Boris Johnson announced that he was calling off his trip to Moscow, the voices of minnows such as Tim Farron and Alex Salmon criticising him were just the utterings of a pair of born losers but the amount of noise being generated by the Russians is proof of having made a good call.

Given the situation, like moving a piano, there can only be one voice directing how things are moved, one voice to ensure that there are no misunderstandings because the stakes are far too high to allow for any error and right now that has to be an American voice. Continue Reading →

Does it Matter to Us ?

Recently there was a Panorama programme on the BBC based around trying to demonstrate that Vladimir Putin had built up a substantial personal fortune whilst President of Russia. To my mind, whilst I am fairly certain that Russia is a Kleptocracy, the real question lies in whether that matters to us in the West or any British citizen.

It is in the same league as the people in our Media who prattle on about China and it’s “Human Rights” record, do they even ask what might be involved in governing, feeding, sheltering one fifth of all humanity ? My point is that frankly how other countries conduct their affairs makes little difference to us and it isn’t very smart to judge other people solely by what you think is “right” for you. Continue Reading →

Replacing Trident

Not just because of Jeremy Corbyn or the SNP but looked at rationally, one might properly conclude that replacing our nuclear deterrent is an act of total madness. To spend such vast amounts of money on such a hideously obscene weapons system that we as a Country would never resort to as our first strike weapon must be total nonsense and hardly worth any debate before we cancel the whole thing and opt for unilateral nuclear disarmament.

Or is the above the whole story and does it make sense ? Continue Reading →

This Time…

The EU is a totally dishonest construct that persistently refuses to acknowledge what it is and what it isn’t, what it can do and what is well beyond its reach to achieve. The problem is that the EU is and always has been a game of charades where publicly it claims the status of a ‘Magnificent Pan European’ entity but in reality is just a “behind closed doors” horse trading exchange for individual European nation states.

Now this nonsense is all well and fine so long as everybody understands this and ‘plays by the rules’ but supposing you have someone who doesn’t such as a new Greek Prime Minister ? Continue Reading →

Not That Easy

The following headline and sub head from the Telegraph is easy to laugh at which no doubt is why they published it: “Create an EU army to keep back the Russians, Jean-Claude Juncker suggests. European Commission president says pooling Europe’s defence resources could help send a message to Vladimir Putin”.

The obvious answer is that if NATO is insufficient as a deterrent to Putin then a “United States of Europe” Army is no more likely to be so. However, the real reasons run deeper than that, the intricacies far more complex and exploring Mr Junkers ‘proposition as I attempt to below is worth an attempt. Continue Reading →

The Devil’s Excrement

The current drop in fuel prices is obviously good news for us consumers in at least the short term with the price per litre possibly dropping to below £1 in the New Year but it is not necessarily good news in the medium to long term because it has potential negative repercussions too especially for jobs in Scotland and a decrease in tax revenue for the UK Government which may mean tax increases after next May, whoever wins.

That there was oil and gas in the North Sea was known for a long time before it was ever exploited. In fact it needed oil to reach a given price before it was even worth considering investing anything in extracting and landing it. The oil glut is really caused by several things: a slack demand because of current economic circumstances globally, the USA exploiting Shale Oil so they are no longer importing vast amounts, to some extent, greater efficiencies in fuel use but also because the Saudis decided to make the price bottom. Continue Reading →