A Thought Piece on Change

Tired of writing stuff on the on going Brexit saga, it is time to turn the spotlight on to other and more important matters that will impact not just Britain but the whole of the global economy though Brexit will leave the UK better placed to deal with them. I have written on a number of previous occasions concerning the “Future Economy”

The key issue is not whether the global economy will/is changing, it will but how we are going to manage that change whilst maintaining a high degree of global prosperity. The importance of this cannot be overstated because unless the major economies come together and forge durable agreements between them, the alternative will be the historical one of low level conflict leading to all out war. Continue Reading →

Another Sign of Changing Times

I have expressed the view before that one of the major problems over this last decade is a total lack of innovation in terms of consumer products and consumer services. Apple will shortly launch another upgraded iPhone, the eighth iteration and whilst there will be product ‘tweaks’ one has to wonder, as far as real technical innovations are concerned, why ?

The commercial reason is pretty obvious, they want more money and knowing that they cannot defy gravity in terms of sales volumes forever, want to milk the situation for as much as they can for as long as they can…BUT. Continue Reading →

Total Nonsense in the Westminster Bubble

I cannot say that Laura Kuenssberg of the BBC is one of my favourite political journalists because she isn’t, like the predecessors in her role for the BBC, she too has become far too full of herself, too clever by half and not thoughtful enough. If has always amused me that a corporation funded from taxation, feels the need to be as ‘sensational’ as the commercial media when they have actually been given the opportunity to do a high quality job when it comes to the ‘News’.

The problem and echoed by Nicola Sturgeon this week in Edinburgh is that both the politicians and journalists get so bound up in the minutia of their trade that instead of speaking to the public, they are really talking in a closed room to and among themselves. To us outside of this bubble, it most often sounds like childish nonsense and generates no respect for them, no wonder the public baulk at the idea of paying MPs proper wages. Continue Reading →

A Basic Income

John Rentoul, a journalist who often writes common sense articles, wrote one concerning the idea of a “Basic Income” which he considers a very bad idea. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/basic-income-pilots-scotland-ubi-glasgow-finland-canada-ontario-switzerland-referendum-refuses-to-a7505561.html

In terms of the State paying a basic income to everyone regardless, I would agree it not only doesn’t make economic sense but it also represents the worse aspects of a “moral hazard” for society as a whole. There can never ever be a “something for nothing” in any transaction between the State and its citizens, there must always be a balance struck between rights and obligations for both sides. Continue Reading →

Taxation and Global Businesses

It has been obvious for a very long time that the way companies with a global reach operate with regard to their tax affairs is totally unacceptable. The people to blame for this are the political leaders and politicians of all countries who have been both too lazy and/or stupid to start the collective action internationally to put an end to these all too obvious abuses.

Whilst US politicians may howl with synthetic rage at the EU over the £11 billion tax demand which may well turn out to be the right “shot across the bow”, it is time and especially with the potential economic problems facing the global economy for everybody to start thinking and talking about the issue. Continue Reading →

The Nonsense on Taxation

Whilst politicians prance and pose over the issue of how much Corporation Tax Google, Starbucks, Amazon etc pay, the simple facts are that they are ALL negligent in (a) Explaining the Issue to the public and (b) Failing to do anything practical about it.

The sooner people stop talking pure bullshit on the topic and instead switch to whatever limited brain power they have at their command, the better. This is an international issue that is outside of the control of any national government working by itself to resolve and as it has major implications for consumers, a better informed public needs to get involved. Continue Reading →

Volunteers in a Changing World

There was a news report on the BBC website concerning the use of unpaid volunteers in mainly the Police service. Obviously this is set against the background of public spending cutbacks and the impact this is having and going to have in the future on Policing. Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34697149

However perhaps the whole concept of volunteering needs to be looked at in a totally different light, rather than ‘cost cutting’ and more an essential way of building social cohesion at a time when the “world of work” is undergoing a radical transformation. Continue Reading →

Snapshot February 2015

I suppose being verbose, I far rather like to write blog entries on one topic at a time, doing an entry made up of several different topics which are unrelated, seems sort of sloppy like you can’t be bothered to think something through properly. But that said, sometimes there are some news snippets you come across that really don’t need too much effort in terms of either, a long reasoned argument or even much thought so… Continue Reading →

Election Nonsense

There was a very good article in the Telegraph by Dan Hodges about the mood the electorate are in and why that maybe, worth a read – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/11411649/Save-your-breath-Governor.-Were-not-buying-economic-optimism.html

However I have other issues with the run up to this general election, like the last in 2010, there are issues which are not being faced properly because the “election teams” of all contenders are too scared to risk being bold and honest and consequently loosing votes and seats. Although in one sense I can sympathise with such views, in reality it is nonsense so… Continue Reading →

Time to Speak and Hear Truth

This year 2015 is a General Election year as we all know, we can expect to hear numerous assertions on this topic or that from every side of the UK political spectrum. However and before we are assaulted with this wall of sound, We the UK electorate need to stop, take a time out and then together, regardless of our political views, change this country for the better.

How we can do this is very simple, we need to stop behaving like children and expect politicians to pander to us, we need plain truth. It is not enough for politicians to tell us the truth, we also need to listen to it and use our common sense to translate the limitations into practical policies that make sense and deliver the kind of society that we want to live in. What follows is me pointing out some rather obvious things that under current circumstances, no politician dare utter because if they spoke the obvious truth, no one would vote for them. That’s crazy isn’t it ? Continue Reading →