A Thought Piece on Change

Tired of writing stuff on the on going Brexit saga, it is time to turn the spotlight on to other and more important matters that will impact not just Britain but the whole of the global economy though Brexit will leave the UK better placed to deal with them. I have written on a number of previous occasions concerning the “Future Economy”

The key issue is not whether the global economy will/is changing, it will but how we are going to manage that change whilst maintaining a high degree of global prosperity. The importance of this cannot be overstated because unless the major economies come together and forge durable agreements between them, the alternative will be the historical one of low level conflict leading to all out war. Continue Reading →

Another Sign of Changing Times

I have expressed the view before that one of the major problems over this last decade is a total lack of innovation in terms of consumer products and consumer services. Apple will shortly launch another upgraded iPhone, the eighth iteration and whilst there will be product ‘tweaks’ one has to wonder, as far as real technical innovations are concerned, why ?

The commercial reason is pretty obvious, they want more money and knowing that they cannot defy gravity in terms of sales volumes forever, want to milk the situation for as much as they can for as long as they can…BUT. Continue Reading →

Future Photography Trends

The other day I read a piece on DigitalRev by a photographer called Ben Davis on what he saw as the future of photography: http://www.digitalrev.com/article/5-predictions-for-the-future-of-photography

Whilst some of his views I agree with, there are others where I don’t but that said the article did was to provoke quite a number of thoughts on the topic of photography, where it is today and where it may go into the future, it is almost a repeat of the early days of photography and fine art painting but artists still exist today though at the time it might have seemed extinction was a possibility. Continue Reading →

The Penny Hasn’t Dropped Yet

There is an article in this weeks Economist concerning the job threats of automation to retail workers in the USA. It is a reasonable article but what struck me most about it was its narrowness of view and a failure to grasp the broader, wider implications and realise that this applies right across the global economy and will impact far more than just retail jobs. It will inevitably impinge upon not just the way businesses run but how society reorders itself to deal with the economic consequences.

http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21722020-shopping-mall-not-factory-where-american-jobs-are-most-risk-how-prepare Continue Reading →

Letting Go and Moving On

I suppose it all goes back to my childhood and growing up in post war Britain during the 1950 when there was still rationing on some things, we may have been on the winning side but materially were hardly any better off than other countries in Europe. The point was that it certainly wasn’t a consumer society as it is today, any ‘resources’ you got back then because they were hard to come by, you tended to look after and imperceptibly deep inside you, the lessons of then tend to stay with you throughout your life. Continue Reading →

Change Has Already Happened

The head banging desire expressed by the ‘Establishment’ including two thirds of MPs that “Things were fine in the EU and should have remained the same…” with regard to Brexit is not only totally wrong, it is childish because things just won’t remain the same, that is not how the world works, only change is constant.

Regardless of which side of the argument that you were on, rather like a couple where one person has been discovered “having had an affair”, things have changed and the result means that relations between the UK and the EU can never be the same again even if the vote was set aside by the UK Parliament. Now there is only one way to go which is to leave the EU and everybody needs to get behind that fact and do the best for UK plc. Continue Reading →

Past Lessons

I have just finished reading a book on Henry VIII written by Robert Lacy and whilst it sets out the sequence of events in great detail rather than being an opinion piece or docudrama account, it is in the sequence of events as laid out, very thought provoking. We are a Country rich in history and therefore perhaps we too easily take it all for granted, knowing broad themes but frankly ignorant of the details and yet, the details really do matter.

The past may well be “another country” to many but by reading our past and understanding it as fully as possible, we can also see how these things and these same themes, often play out again in our present today. Continue Reading →

Grammar Schools

I am a ‘grammar school boy’ and I find the arguments posed by both those who want them and equally those who oppose them, not just spurious in their assertions but also fundamentally flawed because both are missing the point. Worse, their thinking seeks to entrench everything that is wrong in our approach to education and guarantee continued failure for the majority of pupils for generations to come. Continue Reading →

Liam Fox Makes a Gaff

Because I’m on a trip to the States, I am behind in posting new stuff however, a couple of issues did attracted my attention before leaving the UK and one of them concerns something Liam Fox said at a private meeting which inevitably was leaked to the Press.

There are many, business people and politicians who will say that in Liam Fox stating that business people today lack the drive and vision of their predecessors in earlier generations, he has made a “Serious Gaff”. I noticed a Labour politician saying that it was proof that he and the ‘Leavers’ never had a plan and were just lining up business people to blame if Brexit goes wrong. Continue Reading →

The Battle for the Future

I have written before and no doubt will again on the technical and economic changes that will completely change our society in the years ahead and a classic example of this is best illustrated by the current junior doctor’s industrial dispute. What junior doctors and Battle of Britain aircraft in this header illustration above have in common I will explain later.

However there are two strands to this dispute which we will see repeated in the years ahead, one is technology and the other concerns “job status” of the kind that saw the demise of the British Shipbuilding Industry over “chalk line” disputes. In fact all of these things contribute to making the Brexit vote absolutely correct going forward so that we can deal with change better. Continue Reading →