The French Presidential Elections

The Presidential race did at least produce a ‘surprise’ in that the two candidates through to the second round are both outsiders to the mainstream political parties that have been in power for more than 50 almost 60 years. However between Macron and Le Pen in the second round, it must be certain that Macron will win hands down as the supporters of the other failed candidates rally around him just to keep Marine Le Pen out, it is the French way of doing these things. Continue Reading →

Shooting Foxes Too…

The main reason for calling this general election hinges around the Brexit negotiations, Theresa May having a big enough majority to ensure that she has sufficient room for manoeuvre when striking a deal with the EU without being constrained by a minority within her own party much given to back seat driving be they Leavers or Remainers.

But it is also something else too, an opportunity to ditch the 2015 Conservative manifesto which laid far too many constraints on a ‘new’ Tory Government and as a side issue, it also has the effect of shooting the foxes of a few other people in the process. This may not be considered very “sporting” in some circles but, it is rather effective. Continue Reading →

Probably the Right Move

Theresa May’s announcement that she would seek a vote in Parliament to call a snap general election is probably the right move on a number of important levels and especially with regard to the Brexit negotiations. Regardless of the opinion polls which show a huge margin over Labour, if in the end she can increase her majority to 30/40 seats in the House of Commons, she will be far better placed both domestically and in Brussels to deliver a good deal for both sides.

Of course, a landslide victory is unlikely given the partisan nature of politics in the Celtic Nations. Continue Reading →

A Personal Luxury

Whilst it is true that currently I am more focused on my ‘pictures’ website so that I would be concentrating less on blogging here, there is another facet to all of this which is worth stating. This is the sheer luxury afforded to me by being someone who is posting personal opinions on a website they finance for themselves and does not have to answer to an editor or deadlines the way professional journalists have to.

Where this certainly plays out well is when it comes to the current state of Brexit negotiations. Continue Reading →

Brexit Begins

So today is an historic one, it is the day that we formally trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and start the two year process of extricating the UK from the EU as a member state. Obviously there is much speculation both in the UK and within Europe on how this will all go but with one common theme, fear and uncertainty on all sides.

The main reason for this is because following the debacle of the aborted “EU Constitution” which was rejected by both the French and Dutch electorates, a crude rehash became the basis of the Lisbon Treaty with Article 50 tacked on to assuage those fearing a ‘Federalist Agenda’. The problem was that it ( Article 50 ), was never intended to be actually used like some kind of nuclear weapon so frankly exactly how it might work in reality was never fully worked out. Continue Reading →

Is It the Fear of Being Wrong ?

Yesterday we had a big pro EU march in London on the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and just days before Theresa May launches Article 50 to fire the starting pistol on the UK leaving the EU. Today the Observer newspaper prognosticates all things dire as a consequence of leaving the EU. This is all unrealistic nonsense because one fact alone “rules all” and that is the result of the EU Referendum, was the decision to “Leave”.

Now it has little to do with the “will of the people” although that is important, the main factor is that it was a totally unexpected result that dealt a body blow to the Establishment both in this Country and within Europe and that has consequences because there is no going back, we and the EU can only go forward, there is no choice for either party. Continue Reading →

A Lesson From Macbeth

Really this is less a blog post and more a reminder to us all of life’s fleeting glories. Of recent times we have seen ‘interventions’ from Tony Blair, Michael Heseltine and now John Major on the topic of Brexit. It is not so much the fact that I have a different view to them but more that they are wrong to try and speak as if they still owned their former “authority” when they no longer do. It may be hard for them to accept but now they are political ghosts. Continue Reading →

Oscars Night

I am no fan of awards ceremonies but there was an amusing thing that came up in an interview with some of the show production team and with an eye on tonight’s presentations likely to attract a degree of anti Trump speeches. Apparently if an award winner goes too far off the reservation, the Director will strike up the band and drown them out, “Your time is up !” set to music as it were.

Now whilst I’m not suggesting that we should have orchestras in the House of Lords, something Michael Heseltine is reported to have said concerning a ‘rebellion against the Government’ over the Article 50 Bill, did make me smile and bought the image to mind. Continue Reading →

For Heaven’s Sake Man

I cannot imagine a man less qualified to talk about Brexit than our former Prime Minister Tony Blair especially as without the restraining hand of Gordon Brown, the idiot would have had us abandoning Sterling and being part of the eurozone. The result of this would have been on a par or worse for the UK than the consequences of the Iraq war Blair got us into on the basis of total “misinformation” and flawed intelligence.

Regardless of which way they voted in the EU Referendum, I can’t imagine many who would give Blair much credence for telling the truth plus, he is clearly part of the political and wealthy elite who really didn’t understand what ordinary people were thinking or why they voted Leave. Continue Reading →

As the Time Approaches

One of the more interesting things concerns the not so subtle changes we are seeing over the up coming Brexit negotiations in the British media. For six months it has mainly consisted of the ‘Remoaners’ led by The Economist and Guardian, telling all and sundry how the economy is about to collapse on the one hand and on the other, the Leavers led by The Mail, Express and to some extent The Telegraph painting a picture of some kind of modern day ‘Promised Land’.

Both camps were totally wrong sadly, life is a bit more complicated than that but finally we are starting to see articles written from the perspective of the other members of the EU and they aren’t confident about the process and outcomes either. Continue Reading →