Delusion by the Sea

Although it is easy to pick on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party Conference, there are a whole number of other ways in which people and the media seem to be interpreting recent events wrongly and in the process miss seeing what is actually happening.

Worse than this between Labour committing themselves to trashing the economy through renationalisation, the LibDems refusing to accept Brexit and some Tories imagining that Grammar Schools are the answer to better education, we clearly have politicians on all sides of the House that are not fit for purpose and therefore unfit to serve ! Continue Reading →

The Battle for the Future

I have written before and no doubt will again on the technical and economic changes that will completely change our society in the years ahead and a classic example of this is best illustrated by the current junior doctor’s industrial dispute. What junior doctors and Battle of Britain aircraft in this header illustration above have in common I will explain later.

However there are two strands to this dispute which we will see repeated in the years ahead, one is technology and the other concerns “job status” of the kind that saw the demise of the British Shipbuilding Industry over “chalk line” disputes. In fact all of these things contribute to making the Brexit vote absolutely correct going forward so that we can deal with change better. Continue Reading →

Mobile Phone Companies

My basic question when it comes to mobile phone companies lies in whether they are smart or just totally stupid ? I ask this question because of “offers” that my mobile phone provider keeps texting me which are so obviously stupid that I cannot even imagine a sentient life form even concocting them in the first place.

Of course this silly behaviour is indicative of a flawed mindset on the part of the “management” likely supported by the ever incompetent “marketing people”. However it raises some interesting broader issues about both jobs and employment going forward. Continue Reading →

Longer Term NHS Solutions

I wrote the other day on the junior doctors strike and whilst I have little sympathy for them because as a career/earnings path with multiple choices to accommodate changes in their lifestyle into the future, theirs is an enviable position compared with the vast majority of ‘workers’. Their main problem seems to be that they resent putting in the time to learn their ‘craft’ whilst they are young the better to practice their ‘art’ later.

Whilst to older people such as me, much of what they say speaks of a misplaced sense of “entitlement” plus one suspects that far too many have spent too much time on social media ‘talking up’ their grievances so that they have lost sight of reality, these are the people we have to deal with, at least for now. We must therefore expect more of the same going forward and make changes to accommodate such attitudes but also mitigate their impact in the future. Continue Reading →

Junior Doctors Strike – Wrong Issue

Calling junior doctors spoilt brats is pretty risky, a bit like being rude about the Queen, Princess Kate or the sainted Diana but I’m prepared to risk it because for all their claims to the contrary, theirs is a typical trade union dispute about their pay and nothing else.

The real problem is that neither they nor their trade union representatives are looking at let alone addressing the real problems inherent in an NHS type system of medical care and what the future holds in terms of recruitment, training and retention of staff at all levels…. Continue Reading →

Life is Wedge Shaped

This rather personal post is a “thinking out loud” piece more than a moan about anything and part of the reason I’m writing it is to illustrate in action something I believe in with regard to sustaining and supporting the NHS.

To my mind the NHS is unsustainable, at least in terms of what people expect from it and imagine it to be, in its current form. There are only three things that can sustain it in the years ahead, the use of technology, using unpaid volunteers extensively and the BIG breakthrough, getting people to take charge of their own health from early in life and all the way through. Continue Reading →

End the Nonsense

My views on this awful election have been expressed previously, I hope and pray that the apparently dumb electorate (according to the opinion polls), get off their collective bottoms and deliver a positive result instead of what appears currently, a total ruddy mess that will make forming a government worse than the last mess in Belgium.

There is one thing that is clear, just like the Scottish Referendum, as we approach polling day, the ‘electoral pledges’ issued by all sides are becoming increasingly ridiculous, panic has clearly set in, one can only hope that the public too panic and focus on the economy and dump the peripheral smaller parties ! Continue Reading →

Totally Odd…

There is no two ways about it, this is the oddest election I have ever seen in 69 years, if the polls are to believed, the British electorate seem to have totally lost their marbles ! Is it the politicians fault for failing to excite people or is it the electorate who are to blame here ?

This question came very much to mind because of a meeting I will be attending this week at which someone from the BBC will be present with the express purpose of collecting questions from us for them to use in a live election debate. Continue Reading →

Christmas and New Year

I always found Christmas even when financially fraught, a great time of year when I had young children around me because they ‘make Christmas’ even for stressed out adults just because of their excitement. Of course as a old fart about to have my 69th birthday on Monday, it is not quite the same but never the less, whether you go to midnight mass or not, it is still a special time of year and a marker in the transition of our Seasons.

I do not believe in ‘New Year Resolutions’ and never have but I have always used the period between Christmas and the New Year as a time to plan what I want to achieve in the coming year. Whether health or other issues intervene and prevent progress in these aims is another matter altogether naturally ! Continue Reading →

Us OAPs Can Help

Following Osborne’s Autumn Statement there have been numerous comments about further “swingeing” cuts in public expenditure to come after next May’s General Election regardless of who forms the Government. This is obviously true because the reality is that our current deficit is not just the result of the Global Crash, it is far deeper than that, it is structural which in simple terms we are spending more than we are earning and in the Western World, we are not alone in this.

As with most other countries, if we were to pinpoint the two areas of runaway spending there are two big culprits: Health and Pensions. Both have a “Poor Little Nell” aspect which frightens politicians from even mentioning either in realistic terms but something needs to be done and I believe that us OAPs can and should make a difference here. Continue Reading →