Teamwork ?

It is always difficult to determine whether the average British journalist is entirely stupid or whether they are trying to be very clever by ignoring alternative thinking. A classic case is the current one concerning Boris Johnson, a 4,000 word article about Brexit in the Telegraph and all the fuss and headlines in the media concerning: “His personal political ambitions”, “Tory divisions over Brexit” and “Boris back seat driving” over Brexit.

Now whilst I will admit to having read Machiavelli when I was quite young and understood it, to my mind the British media are totally bonkers, all I suspect is happening is a bit of nifty teamwork. Continue Reading →

Loose Language and Crackpot Media

Some years ago when visiting one of my Sons, their teenage babysitter was talking about her recent shoe buying spree, I made a remark about Emelda Marcos who was a well known passionate hoarder of shoes. My Daughter in Law looked at me smiled and said “She has no idea who you are talking about.” Of course she was right and as you get older, things you think of still as fairly recent, often turn out to have happened 20 or 30 years ago.

This came to mind with the recent hullabaloo concerning “MP Anne Marie Morris suspended for racist remark” a clear case of total nonsense bought about by spite and a hungry media. Continue Reading →

Betwixt and Between

Its Summer and I’m busy going to places and events, well it is that time of year and if you don’t do it now, when will you ? It is also traditionally a time of year when politics gets rather boring and the Press start the “Silly Season” for fake or dubious news stories. This year is little different and that in itself is quite interesting.

We have just had a “failed” election that has seen little meaningful change, a bad run of tragedies involving terrorists and a terrible high rise fire that has probably claimed 80 lives on top of which we have started Brexit negotiations. Overall you would expect this year to be very different indeed and yet…it really isn’t which is odd. Continue Reading →

Surely Impeachment Beckons Now ?

My views on the now former head of the FBI, James Comey and his behaviour over the Clinton private email server I have already written about last year –

That he deserved to be removed from his job back then, was obvious but for Donald Trump to do so now whilst citing Comey’s behaviour back then which Trump praised loudly at the time, is little short of a totally stupid act by “The Donald” and may well prove fatal to the Trump Presidency. Continue Reading →

The Age of Instant Indignation

It hardly seems to matter these days what the cause is but at the press of a Twitter feed, an instant rent a crowd will turn up to protest loudly and passionately about something, anything, we seem to be living in an age of total intolerance. On the other hand I wonder whether these mindless displays of passion have more to do with a society where individuals are becoming more not less isolated by this age of so called ‘social media’. Continue Reading →

Theresa May as Prime Minister

There was an interesting article in The Economist where they sought to trash Theresa May in her role as Prime Minister by questioning whether she knows what she is doing. Of course what lies behind this is the lingering pain and upset that The Economist still feels about the result of the EU Referendum when the stupid public didn’t heed their admonitions and instructions on what to vote !

Still there are some interesting points to be made even if they are beyond the journalistic skills of The Economist to attempt. Continue Reading →

That Other Drama

Whilst we have all been focused on the post Brexit situation and the Tory Leadership contest which will deliver us a new and second female Prime Minister, that other drama of the Labour Party has rumbled on and is now reaching the inevitable stage of a direct leadership challenge to Jeremy Corbyn. Whilst in many ways it is just a sad little drama involving rather juvenile politics, as far as the British Body Politic is concerned, it does matter and the situation needs to be brought to a head and dealt with quickly. Continue Reading →

A Political Suicide

As we draw closer to 23rd June, the IN/OUT campaigns are heating up, the rhetoric becoming ever more intense and the media are turning their attention to the likely state of the Tory Party after this is all done and dusted. We can expect to see many stories from “party insiders” in the coming weeks but frankly and whatever the outcome of the Referendum, the simple truth will be that David Cameron’s front bench political career is coming to a close and probably far sooner than he intended.

The “why” is interesting but only time and after various memoirs are published in future years will we have a better insight into the background and motivations for what looks like a very public political suicide on David Cameron’s part. Continue Reading →

Time for a Revolution

There are few advantages to getting old but if you live long enough, you can instantly recognise a repeating pattern from your earlier days and the EU Referendum campaign is very full of echoes of previous events.

So now the official campaign is underway and one would expect that with it’s “Cling to nurse for fear of worse” slogan, the Remain camp have a major advantage, it is their referendum to lose given the default ‘conservative with a small c’ nature of the electorate but should that be so ? Continue Reading →

Time to Pause and Think

For those interested in such things, there is a background dispute going on between Apple and the FBI with regard to the former helping the latter to unlock a phone belonging one of those involved in the San Bernardino shootings where 14 people died. The only person who has said anything interesting was Bill Gates and even then what he said was misrepresented by negligent reporting.

What he actually indicated was that “We need to have a discussion about these issues” and he is right because once again we have society coming face to face with an issue that didn’t exist before our “digital age” and new thinking is required. Continue Reading →