Another Sign of Changing Times

I have expressed the view before that one of the major problems over this last decade is a total lack of innovation in terms of consumer products and consumer services. Apple will shortly launch another upgraded iPhone, the eighth iteration and whilst there will be product ‘tweaks’ one has to wonder, as far as real technical innovations are concerned, why ?

The commercial reason is pretty obvious, they want more money and knowing that they cannot defy gravity in terms of sales volumes forever, want to milk the situation for as much as they can for as long as they can…BUT. Continue Reading →

Merkel Speaks Out

There is an article in The Economist about Angela Merkel’s comments at a Bavarian political rally that Europe no being able to rely on the USA or the UK any longer and that Europe must forge its own destiny and such like stuff:

Whilst unusual for a cautious woman, her comments should be seen in the context of the early days of German election campaigning plus a recent brush with “The Donald” at both NATO and the G7. Continue Reading →

The Penny Hasn’t Dropped Yet

There is an article in this weeks Economist concerning the job threats of automation to retail workers in the USA. It is a reasonable article but what struck me most about it was its narrowness of view and a failure to grasp the broader, wider implications and realise that this applies right across the global economy and will impact far more than just retail jobs. It will inevitably impinge upon not just the way businesses run but how society reorders itself to deal with the economic consequences. Continue Reading →

Trump Wins the Oval Office

They say a country always gets the government it deserves and Trump’s victory is no exception though what it actually means in practical terms only time will tell though I am sure that “The Markets” will go in a tail spin over it all as people ponder the link, if any between Trump’s rhetoric and practical reality .

What is certainly true is that this has been by far the most depressing American election I can ever remember between two truly awful candidates, the most interesting thing will be to see how following such a divisive contest there can be a binding up of the deep wounds that have opened up during the course of it right across the USA. Continue Reading →

Change Has Already Happened

The head banging desire expressed by the ‘Establishment’ including two thirds of MPs that “Things were fine in the EU and should have remained the same…” with regard to Brexit is not only totally wrong, it is childish because things just won’t remain the same, that is not how the world works, only change is constant.

Regardless of which side of the argument that you were on, rather like a couple where one person has been discovered “having had an affair”, things have changed and the result means that relations between the UK and the EU can never be the same again even if the vote was set aside by the UK Parliament. Now there is only one way to go which is to leave the EU and everybody needs to get behind that fact and do the best for UK plc. Continue Reading →

More Befuddled Nonsense

I had rather hoped that The Economist had got over its hissy fit concerning the EU Referendum result but apparently not it seems as last Friday they trotted out another article forewarning of great gloom and doom. It amazes me that a magazine staffed with presumably intelligent life forms of some description just can’t grasp the fact that Brexit is a symptom of unease, of itself it is not the main problem. Continue Reading →

It’s Not Just Steel

For all the noise within the UK media concerning Tata wanting to get out of the UK steel industry, the reality is that it is just part of a broader picture. The truth is that we all need to take a more realistic look at just where we are in global economic terms because if we don’t the type of tragedy that is likely to follow is not what anybody wants.

Although not simple especially for a Tory Government, in another sense it may be easier for them to resolve the problem of steel production within the UK than it might be for a Socialist one. Continue Reading →

More Post EU Summit

I quite like reading the Economist despite its rather blind belief that the EU is a “wonderful thing for the UK” when the case is clearly not made one way or another. Although perhaps ‘bad form’ to quote ones self, I did post a comment that may be more succinct than my usual rather lengthy posts here so, it is below.

Britain tells an EU summit its price for staying in
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Volunteers in a Changing World

There was a news report on the BBC website concerning the use of unpaid volunteers in mainly the Police service. Obviously this is set against the background of public spending cutbacks and the impact this is having and going to have in the future on Policing. Link:

However perhaps the whole concept of volunteering needs to be looked at in a totally different light, rather than ‘cost cutting’ and more an essential way of building social cohesion at a time when the “world of work” is undergoing a radical transformation. Continue Reading →