The Wooden Lighthouse

Where I live in Burnham on Sea, about one mile up the beach is a rather odd but very distinct structure, a wooden lighthouse and it has some history behind it too !

The lighthouse on legs was built in 1832 as an essential aid to navigation, people often forget that in those days, many goods were transported by coastal ships and shipping lanes were very busy. Additionally with the high tidal range that exists in the Bristol Channel area, things could get pretty rough for sailors particularly on dark and stormy nights.

This lighthouse remained in service until 1969 when it was decommissioned however by the end of 1993 it was brought back into service in which it remains to this day. It is a quite a unique structure with its 9 wooden legs, painted white with one vertical red stripe on its seaward side, the whole structure is about 9 m tall but obviously is not a "manned" lighthouse although it has an access staircase for maintenance on its landward side.

The basic question must be that once you have taken one picture of it, why take more ? For me the answer to that lies in the fact that it makes a great foreground object in pictures where what you are really looking at is the changing weather and cloud patterns.

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