The Unexpected Heron

The Somerset Levels are a flood plain and it is said that the County name of Somerset is a corruption of an earlier Saxon phrase which described the inhabitants as the “Summer People” because it was only in the Summer months that the Levels were useable because they were waterlogged in the Winter months. It is the type of habitat that supports wading birds of all kinds, among the larger birds Herons are fairly common and I always like to photograph them when I can.

On my daily morning bike rides I always carry a camera, I have a few each of which is 'better' at one task or another and on this particular morning I had the “wrong one” for photographing birds in flight so hence the “Unexpected Heron” of the title. When I set out it was later in the day when there would be more dog walkers about which the Heron avoids, he will fish elsewhere for his breakfast but this day, he was about until finally disturbed and then off he flew...

These are not the sharpest of images, I have done better but, they do illustrate the sequence of the jumping start and transition to level flight of one of these magnificent birds.

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