The Local Lifeboat

Because of our extreme tidal range which means that 24 hour launches are very challenging, we do not have a deep water lifeboat but we do have a couple of inshore boats both of which are tractor towed to the beach and launched via their own rigs into the water.

The consequence is that apart from boat crews there is a need for shore support personnel to deal with the launch, recovery and escorting the rigs to and from the boathouse. For a time I worked as shore crew during 2005/6 but had to give it up as my duties in looking after my Parents became ever greater. The following pictures should give a flavour these type of operations and the fact that it takes an awful lot of efforts by all volunteers to keep the service going. For all the dash and glamour of putting the boats to sea, there is an awful lot of hard work in keeping the kit clean and in top order for any emergency.

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