Christmas Cards

As we approach that time of the year again, many of us send out Christmas cards to family and friends. A few years back and after the passing of both my Parents, instead of buying cards from a shop or on line, I decided to start printing my own and more personal greetings cards.

In case you wonder, no it isn't cheaper than shop bought by the time you buy in the blanks, envelopes and allow for the cost of ink plus of course, it requires a certain degree of effort as well in terms of printing and then finally assembling your finished opus ! The reason that I did this is that whilst for me as a Christian, this is a religious festival, for many today, this is not the case so sending cards with pictures of mangers, shepherds and choirs of angels is inappropriate. You are reaching out to people you likely don't see face to face that often to say 'hello' you are not reaching out to preach at them.

So I decided instead to send cards that reflect my life or to be more exact, where I live and the following gallery, although not necessarily very “Christmastide”, includes some of the images I have used over recent years.

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