A Stage Set

A little while back, I spent a brief time walking around Oxford, it was one of those sunshine and showers days but interesting never the less and I took a few photographs. Although not likely known to many people overseas, there has been two TV detective series which were set in Oxford, Morse and a spin off Lewis, both were very good and made heavy use of the University part of the city as a backdrop for the drama.

What is quite amusing when familiar with this background from a long running series, you realise just how much of a “film set” an area like this can become and it is quite fascinating when you work out the camera angles used for particular scenes. However it is also much more than that because what is amazing is not just the number of different and distinctive buildings there are but on each how intricate some of the architectural detail and decorations can be.

The following gallery which actually focuses on only a few buildings I hope gives a flavour and for me, it gives me a place I must visit again but this time specifically to photograph the architecture in proper detail.

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