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Although I haven't posted anything just lately, it hasn't been through a lack of interest on my part, simply that I am busy on other things which in their own way, are related to what this site is about. The Winter is always a relatively fallow period for me photographically with the shorter days and it is only around now as the daylight hours noticeably lengthen that I start to get excited again !

It is not that I don't still take photographs during Winter just that I take fewer and tend to stay very local which can lead to a lot of repetition as far as subject matter is concerned. The selection below shows a bit of snow, never lasts long down here on the coast, some storms which are inevitable, spring tides and even our local boathouse getting a new inshore lifeboat. The upcoming change of season will usher in greater activity on my part as the garden and its associated projects demand attention whilst competing with my wanting to travel further afield for photographic opportunities.

However, I haven't been idle because I am teaching myself with the help of both books and YouTube, bookbinding and this is both interesting and challenging. As to the 'why' it is simply as a way of utilising my photography, it started of course with wanting to produce an album for each of my children of the negatives and slides I had recently scanned from the late 70s early 80s many of which they may never have seen before. But as I considered how to produce these and 4 identical copies of the same, putting them into a purpose bound album seemed a good idea.

Of course once I started down that route, other potentials opened up, why not do the same for the best of the photographs I have taken over recent years ? A few years back I decided to put some framed pictures of mine on the walls of my house, perhaps 30 I thought but by the time I had finished there were about 200 and I had run out of wall space so bound albums probably by subject matter/topic might be a far better idea and simpler to deal with than hard drives crammed with pictures after I have shuffled off this mortal coil.

I don't suspect that I will focus on all the many and varied styles of bookbinding of which there are numerous, just those which are suitable for my purposes which I very quickly identified from my initial lessons and experiments. However and that said, you still have to practice and practice again until you nail down the “craft” aspects and can move on to the “art” side of things. My early efforts have resulted in glue in the wrong places and even poorly matched cutting of the paper and the board so that the final fit was rubbish ! I never mind these type of failures, it is the only way that you learn and also beyond just the craft, you need to learn how to handle your materials, your workspace and organize your workflow, its all good fun but it does take both time and effort to master.

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