I am not a great fan of writing or talking about photographic gear and what is the “latest, greatest” or current “king of the hill” because all that stuff gets in the way of creating pictures and I have just had proof of that in the oddest way. I have just been going through the digital pictures I have taken in the first 5 months of this year and frankly I am appalled by my lack of “keepers” from the whole collection, how did this come about ?

True as you get older, time seems to fly by perhaps to remind us that in the end when we croak it, we will have lots of “unfinished stuff” that we meant to do but never did, also I have been busy on several other fronts ! However in this case it is simpler than that, for the past 6 months I have been busy using 35mm and my 120 wet film cameras and seeing firstly if they worked properly mechanically as well as getting my eye in using black and white film. Added to this that this is very “slow photography” as you collect several rolls of exposed film before you send them off for processing just to minimize shipping costs.

As I have been rather engrossed in the hardware, even though it is all rather old stuff that I once knew intimately at that with the result that my output has been pretty turgid because I have been shooting as tests things that I am very familiar with. As I haven often shot identical pictures in a digital format as a check against the wet film for when it comes back from being developed the overall results are rather awful, you would have thought that I would have noticed this sooner !

At least there will be time to recover from this position during the rest of this year, I certainly hope so, therefore this tiny gallery is, because... Because it is tiny and not that good but will likely spur me to do better !

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