Being Fair

By this I do mean, “Being fair to oneself”. In my earlier post “Going Back” when writing about my original DSLR the Canon D30 that I bought at Christmas 2000, I said that I didn't know much about what I was doing with it and any good pictures I got were by chance. Now whilst this was broadly speaking true, I may have been a bit too harsh on myself.

As part of a broader project, I am condensing my past photographs into more cogent and smaller collections that tell a bit about episodes in my life that I can put into photographic books which I can create that incorporate some text to give context to the pictures. In this vein and as I was putting together some stuff from the early 2000s and was focused on the content, I suddenly realised that most of the material had been shot on this Canon D30 and whilst not masterpieces in any sense weren't that bad as pictures.

Below a collection of images from a trip to San Francisco in the October of 2011...

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