Being Busy

I notice that I haven't posted anything since July, have I lost interest in running my own website after all these years ?

Not At All

The answer to that is NO it is just that I've been busy working on a couple of other websites for other people and not in a commercial sense more as "a favour" which can often be a lot more time consuming. In the past when I charged people for doing IT related work, the fact that they were paying and any dithering and delay on their part would cost them extra money tended to spur on all decision making, without that pressure...lots of drift for one reason or another is inevitable.

Additionally, whilst my year started strongly with experiments in wet film photography which I'm delighted with but will take further time to evolve, I am also now playing with studio lighting which is in the early stages. It is something I have wanted to play with for some time but proper lighting set ups, assuming you know exactly what you want and need are not cheap. In the end I decided to buy a cheap set of lights, made in China and supplied by Amazon, my review about sums it up:

"A Good Place to Start

A keen photographer, I mainly do landscapes and wildlife but wanted to experiment with "studio lighting" however what you might call 'proper' lighting kit is very expensive. So at this price I wasn't expecting anything brilliant therefore effective but not very sturdy lightstands, umbrella shades a bit thin, under powered light bulbs... yes that is pretty much what arrived. Is that a bad thing ? No because it has given me a basic bit of kit to work with as I learn how to use this sort of light. I have ordered more powerful light bulbs and some better umbrellas, will probably get another full height lightstand too but for less than one "moderately priced" light and even after I've paid for the upgrades, I have a box of tricks to play with. Later if I really get hooked I will obviously upgrade the lot but then I will know what kit I need because of experience and be happy to spend what is required."

My Photography

I have been taking lots of photographs, possibly too many in a sense because I ended up with a problem in that I have been publishing small collections with a common theme in each post and I'm finding that format far too limiting for what I want to achieve. There are times, in fact many times when I want to publish just one or two images rather than a dozen and perhaps because of working on other people's websites, I am looking for a new web template/layout that will give me this flexibility so expect a complete revamp to this site in the next couple of months.

Anyway and for any who are interested, this is where I am at and where I intend to be going though life is rarely a straight path 🙂

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