An Odd Mistake

As previously mentioned, I go for a bike ride every morning and in practical terms this comes down to “which bag” I grab as I go out the door. I will always have a camera body, a couple of lenses and obviously spare batteries etc so the cameras I’m currently using tend ‘live in bags’ suitable for me to carry on my back when cycling and ready to go. In the normal run of things I will check my bag the night before and that will be the camera I take with me the next morning…

However and from time to time, things can get a little odd as was the case this morning. I go for my ride first thing and today following it, I had a list of errands and things I had to get done before lunchtime so I was keen to get out the door and probably not fully into gear mentally as I did. Just as I was leaving and for no good reason I can think of, I decided to swap camera bodies, taking the 7D MkII out and replacing it with the 5DS or so I thought. When I stopped riding for the ‘walking bit’ I always do and when most of my photography happens, I took out my camera and found that I had my 3mpx, 21 year old Canon D30 in my hand err…

Not a major problem except that I knew that I wouldn’t be carrying any spare fully charged BP 511 batteries in the bag so, how is the battery in the camera ? Of course it was low, it wasn’t going to be anything else apart from flat was it ?

A Very Grey Day

It was a very grey and windy day however and undaunted because this is where we are, like it or not so I may just as well see what can be made of it all. I sparingly, set out to take a few pictures and especially of things like the Sun Flowers in full bloom which I had already photographed with far higher resolution cameras. On my return home, I loaded the pictures onto my PC and was quite surprised to see that the images were not at all bad so much so that I decided that the D30 comes with me tomorrow.

Of course this time with a fully charged battery and a spare to ensure that I can try out a number of different things to see how far I can push the images I can extract from this camera. So I suppose one might call this a happy accident…

The Next Day

I took more pictures, the day still grey but not so breezy and the result is this little gallery. I love Sun Flowers, on a sunny day with a gentle breeze, a field full of them looks like loads of happy smiling people waving at you ! No these are not great pictures but they do serve to remind me that there is still a value to be had from using even old technology from time to time.

Compared to other and more modern gear I have, the time it takes to write a picture to the memory card seems ever so slow and it is certainly not a ‘action camera’ suitable for wildlife and cannot “see” beyond a 2Gb memory card. Even so a 21 year old 3 mpx camera fitted with a decent lens can still produce a result worth looking at even if in post production you realise that the depth of colour just isn’t there compared to far more recent models. Also unlike modern digital cameras, you realise that this one would perform a lot better in more ‘ideal’ lighting conditions so not a camera for all seasons.


Does this mean that I would deliberately set out to use an old camera just for the heck of it ? The answer must be no, you use the most appropriate tool you have to hand and digital cameras have come a very long way since 2000 so in the majority of cases you would use the most recent one you have. However just like shooting film with 35mm cameras where you need to be very aware of the limitations of the medium, going back in time even with an early digital camera can sharpen you up if only to appreciate what you have to use today in comparison.

I suppose that when I shoot 35mm with one of my SLRs, I can accept the limitations of the media and process because in effect, ‘wet film’ photography is sort of frozen in a moment in time. When it comes to digital photography though, this just isn’t true because it is still evolving and there is a huge gap between where it started, where it is today and most likely, where it will go tomorrow. I will take the D30 out again when the weather which has been very dull this past week, lightens up so it has a more favourable environment to work in.