It’s Just a British Summer

This is not about one of my projects, it is just a burst of simple joy. The weather of late has been pretty poor, not cold but overcast, some rain and some pretty strong breezes not what one would expect as we approach the end of August. Also there are indications that Autumn (Fall) may come in rather rapidly, the foliage is starting to change colour and the Swallows and Swifts are stocking up on insects as they prepare for their long migration South.

But for all that, a very strong breeze aside, the morning was bright and sunny, the Sun Flowers were at their jolly best, “waving” in the breeze and it was a high tide, you would need a heart of stone not to have your spirits lifted by this. However when I started out on my ride, it was still overcast so I didn’t take any ‘special’ cameras with me, I had my old G9 and a Canon bridge camera the SX50 HS with me, even the ‘old’ kit gets used. Had it been sunny to start with then I might have taken something more exotic or flexible but for all that, the best camera you will ever have is the one in your hand at the time.


When I came to where the Sun Flowers were, I was taking photographs of them but then and although the SX50 only does Full HD, I switched to taking video which was great fun because on getting back home, these video clips said more about the thing I love about Sun Flowers, to see them waving at you ! These were not long clips but I realised that they were ideal to practice doing a fast cut sequence and try to edit them to a music sound track so even this ‘accident’ gives me material for my other projects.


Next up back home and whilst the Sun was shining, time to cut the lawn before it got too long and would have to have an initial strimmer cut ! Yes that would be possible because it isn’t a large lawn, it sure isn’t the size of a cricket pitch. Although I didn’t plant it, the birds decided to bring me a Buddleia bush which frankly is tangled up with one of my Rose bushes but I haven’t cut it out which I will by end September. The reason I have left it is simply because Butterfly and the other pollinators love them in fact they are often referred to as the Butterfly Tree, I will leave it alone whilst its in bloom.

There is a bonus in this because after I finished with the lawn, I grabbed my 7D MkII and a macro lens and took some pictures and for what it’s worth, I share them with you in this little gallery from today. It is a varied little gallery but all that shows is just how much goes on around us if we look. A mother with her ducklings waiting on the warmth of the Sun, cows paddling in a high tide as well as Sun Flowers, butterflies and bees.