A Certain Joy

It is that time of year when despite the Omicron variation on the Covid 19 virus and with Christmas almost upon us, we should feel some kind of joy for the Season. At the time of writing we have just been through winter storm ‘Barra’ and not long before that ‘Arwen’ which for where I live on the West Coast of England mainly meant wind driven high tides and the type of gale force winds I don’t ride in.

So I had a few days off from riding which I don’t like because if you are used to daily exercise as I am, my body seems to complain about the lack of it and a mood of being a little ‘stir crazy’ starts to build rapidly. However yesterday there was the calm after the storm and I got a ride in under calm conditions but the next day (10/12/21), although sunny, the wind had got up again and was hovering around 20mph and gusting in from the Atlantic. All of this has since been followed by warmer but overcast conditions and helpings of drizzle or ‘grizzle’ rain.

Camera Choices

My normal pattern is to combine riding with photography and therefore riding plus walking but on the first day for me the “ride” was the priority so I just took my G1X with me but for the next couple of days, I wanted something weather sealed so decided to take my 1D MkIII DSLR with me and for once, no ‘small’ camera as well for snap shooting. Days with gusting wind and showers would be difficult enough conditions and when pushing the bike whilst walking, one camera would be more than enough.

I have written before about how an old camera bought for research purposes surprised me with both it’s physical quality but especially with the quality of its output and it did again. Winter sunlight when the Sun is lower on the horizon than in other seasons is difficult because of dark shadow areas and the danger of blown out highlights/sky and yet this 14 year old 10mpx camera just handles it so well, it never ceases to amaze me as in its way too, the G1X does too so below a couple of galleries. The first is from my G1X, the second from the 1D MkIII.


Canon 1D Mk3