Oh Happy Day

I was woken a bit earlier than usual today by one of my Son’s who had to go in to work early to cover for a sick colleague. I looked out on to a rather wet world, it had been raining most of the night and the wind was gusting quite strongly…yuk !

It was what I call a ‘marginal morning’ not quite bad enough to definitely not ride but not terribly enticing to do so either. Given my age I am only too well aware that the day will dawn in due course when riding may no longer be an option so I will always veer towards “riding” by default on such days as this.

The Gear

This past week I have been using my M5 & M6 Mk II cameras but neither are weather sealed and as it was still raining albeit rather lightly, I would have to switch to one of my DSLRs which are weather sealed and decided upon my 1D MkIV. I delayed leaving the house setting off probably half an hour later than usual by which time the rain had stopped but not the wind still, the light was improving rapidly as I got into my ride.

A Memory

I can remember a sales manager talking to his sales team some years ago and saying something along these lines:

“You wake up on a cold and wet morning and think to yourself that nobody will want to talk to you today and you may well be right. However if you don’t go out all that you will guarantee is that you won’t make any sales because you weren’t there. If you do go out, though you may not make any sales, at least you have put yourself at the risk of making some, maybe even your biggest one to date !”


This morning was just like that for me and my photography. I loved handling the 1D MkIV it is just so great in the hand and although I cannot claim any stunning, award winning images, for me I captured the magic of my morning. Yes it was terribly gusty but it was a high tide on the River Brue and I got to see Cormorants and my ‘cautious but not camera shy’ Heron on the lake.

The latter is unusual because Herons are notorious for being very skittish but this youngster seems to have decided that the lake is good for hunting and accepted that there are always people and dog walkers about so he is very aware, quite calm and doesn’t fly off at the slightest thing.

I had set the camera to shoot at 10 frames per second so I ended up with far too many duplicates but whatever, it was my morning, I enjoyed it and if my pictures only please me, that is fine but the little gallery is to share the experience for whoever wishes to.