The Start of Spring

One of the great joys of living in the UK is that as a relatively small country surrounded by the sea, you do get all four seasons during the year and each is quite distinct from the others. It is this that makes my photography interesting because whilst I am often photographing the same landscapes or ‘things’, the season, wind, weather and tides have a major impact on the end results.

It was only a couple of weeks since we suffered the last storm coming in off the Atlantic which caused some damage to my property plus although it has been a mild winter, it has been a rather wet one since the New Year. My lawn was going wild so after a few dry days I got the lawn mower out, not a very good finish, all a bit lumpy but then, what first cut of the year isn’t ? At least things should improve from here on…fingers crossed !

The pictures in this little gallery were taken just a few days ago. The Daffodils who bravely started blooming some weeks ago, are now reaching fever pitch whilst the younger wildlife are suddenly darting around here and there, youngsters noisily in competition with each other though rather unsure of the ‘rules’ it would seem. Shortly practice nest building will start, pairs will bond, natures sweet tune will pick up the pace and before we know it, the Swallows and Swifts will reappear signalling that Summer is nigh !